By AllieG33 - 5/9/2014 02:59 - United States - Albuquerque
Today, after returning from taking my sister off to college, my parents told me that our house would be a lot quieter with my sister gone. Not because she's loud, but because she has friends and I apparently don't. FML
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  muzy  |  23

Consider yourself lucky, OP. Friends are overrated. I make it a point not to have any because during war times they can be captured and tortured for information about me.

  Deadpool798  |  3

You can't tell people what they can and can not say. You understood what she said. I will never understand a grammer nazi. We get judged by professors (well at least I do) all the time, so if I should want to get on the internet. I should not be, nor should anyone else be ridiculed by what they say. You understood the main idea of what was said, good job. Don't just belittle someone because they did not feel like putting in time to write an apostrophe. You are not an English professor, so do not act like one.