By AllieG33 - 05/09/2014 02:59 - United States - Albuquerque

Today, after returning from taking my sister off to college, my parents told me that our house would be a lot quieter with my sister gone. Not because she's loud, but because she has friends and I apparently don't. FML
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Quality over quantity... Even though 0 quantity is 0 quality.

That is really insensitive thing to say. I'm sorry OP.


So do something about it or Stay forever alone

Why the downvotes? Haha, this is really good advice. Cut-throat and insensitive maybe but good advice none-the-less. And its funny.

OP said "apparently" meaning there are friends. And you don't have to be a jerk about it.

Awee . Being lonely sucks but theirs always ways around it !

Braking knews! Ewe can now youse homonyms in place of words!

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Either can be used in non-technical situations.

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Homonym = spelled the same, different meaning. Homophone = pronounced the same, different meaning. I think "ewe r con-few-sd"

Homonym can also be used to describe a homophone, though technically the term homophone is more correct.

"THEIRS" always away around it. I think that's the most illiterate shit I've ever heard.

Well EXCUSE me for having bad grammar . Moved here from montreal not to long ago , didn't think i'd get so much hate lol

Should've just said "Sorry, I just moved from Montreal."; don't be a snob.

You can't tell people what they can and can not say. You understood what she said. I will never understand a grammer nazi. We get judged by professors (well at least I do) all the time, so if I should want to get on the internet. I should not be, nor should anyone else be ridiculed by what they say. You understood the main idea of what was said, good job. Don't just belittle someone because they did not feel like putting in time to write an apostrophe. You are not an English professor, so do not act like one.

That is really insensitive thing to say. I'm sorry OP.

Kill your parents for talking shit about you :)

Well I don't see any reason why this might not be a good idea...

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Maybe it means to hang out with them more!

That is the saddest comment I have ever read... OP I'll be your friend so you won't have to do that!!

Well OP you could make friends or stick to how you are, whatever makes you happy :)

Quality over quantity... Even though 0 quantity is 0 quality.

There's nothing wrong with enjoying your own company. Shows intelligence!

Well you prove her wrong. Bring your friends over and create a ruckus!

Time to get some really loud and annoying friends just for them!