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  White667  |  0

Shouldn't have waited, maybe he might've not slept around, coulda' avoided the whole situation.

Was my first though, just figured I'd say.
Either way, at least it's treatable,

  bonicr  |  0

What did you expect OP... your male parts aren't made to go up other (dirty) male parts.

That's a ****ing disgusting action, gay or not, and it's definitely not natural. YDI

By  UpYoursLiar  |  1

1. STFU. That's curable. Be thankful it's not cervical cancer (HPV), or something for-life like HSV or HIV.
2. It's not impossible, but if you got your cooch swabbed you probably wouldn't get the results back that day unless you were dumb enough to go to the ER. Average adult costs to visit ER in US are between like $900 and $2400. If you spent that much just 'cause your pee burned...yeah, FYL.


Your doctor just looks under a microscope. That's a lil worrying! You can't just take a swab and see the bugs - you need to stain it first. What she might be looking for is pus/red cells so that it could be taken for further testing.

By  uconchsucker  |  0

your a idiot. cervical cxancer is not hpv. hpv is a wort viris. it leads to genital worts and and can cause cervical cancer but they have shots for women now that prvent that for life. hpv is the most spred viris. if ur sexually active u most likely have hpv


If it were any more possible to be backwards, I think everyone would die
Herpes is the most spread std, one in five people have it, what you meant is that "if you're sexually active you most likely have herpes". In fact, even if you're NOT sexually active you most likely have herpes, Chickenpox, mono, and cold sores are all types of herpes. Look it up if you don't believe me.
CERTAIN TYPES of hpv cause cervical cancer, and you can get cervical cancer without having warts, my sister is living proof of that.
As far as the actual post goes...
You waited two years and didn't bother to get him tested and make sure to see the results? You didn't use a condom? 100% preventable, 100% curable. It's your own fault.