By RyloGhyst - United States - Killeen
Today, after putting the same load of laundry through the wash four times, I was wondering why my clothes kept smelling worse and worse. Turns out, my cat learned how to open and pee in the detergent funnel. FML
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I think it would still affect the washer if the cat does it again. The washer can't tell the difference between pods and detergent and will draw from the detergent feed anyway. At least that's how I understand it, but I'm not a washing machine engineer so I could be wrong.

By  JamieLuv2u  |  11

That is the most weirdly impressive animal "trick" I have ever heard!
You should set up a hidden camera and get that on video. Odd viral cat videos in the making!

  nevereyes  |  31

It's more likely that the cat doesn't like that litter or its in a bad spot. Most cats would still pick dirty litter over something they have to open.