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Today, after pulling an all-nighter, I had the pleasure of meeting my girlfriend's mother for the very first time. She walked in on me in the bathroom; I'd completely lost focus and fallen asleep while taking a shit. FML
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  takemetomars  |  0

ha dood all u talk about is India!!!! we dnt really care(: hey did u know that here in America we have lives.. did u know that here in America we are usually smart?:)hmm didn't think soooo

  the101dan  |  0

You guys are all wrong. He wasn't really being racist at all; he was just saying he didn't care. The wrong part about what he said is that we are usually smart here. That's BS. USA is full of retards :)

  vettle  |  6

said the woman whose profile picture screams 'please do me I have no brain cells'. sorry but I can't take anything you say seriously.


33- Thank you for that insane drivel. As an American, I appreciate that racist and ignorant statement because we are so inbred that we can't form intelligent and respectful thoughts. You are a fucking moron. You are the reason why some in this world have no respect for Americans.

To the rest of you, we Americans are not all stupid, ignorant, disrespectful fools. We all have bad apples and I don't like it when someone shows the worst in us.


I'm a college student and I survive on all nighters. Hell I spent 14 hours studying for a single finance exam!! If you manage to go to college and then major in a real field you will understand. Art, music, and poly-sci don't count....


20, eh. Not all university students pull all nighters. Hell, I only study about an hour each day and pay attention during my lectures. I always re-write my notes. Copying always helps with remembering. Before you say my major must not be that big and stuff, I study marine biology.

OP, YDI. If you're planning on pulling an all nighter, be sure your schedule is free the next day. Also, lock the washroom next time, but I'm going to assume here, and say you were too zoned out. So, FYL.

  Mixed_Prdgy  |  0

How the hell does music and art not count?? It pisses me off when people assume music is easy class that doesn't matter. I bet you would shit yourself if you had to learn music theory.

  starile  |  19

Agree with 53, all the music theory classes can kill you. And God help you if you don't already know how to play all the instruments and sing like an angel, because they're going to beat that into you, too, esp if you're in music education.

By  SamSayzRAWRZ  |  0

Exactly. I always do, so it seems now it's just a habit for me. Then again, if you haven't slept in 24 hours, you might be a little dazed. OP was probably just zoned out and forgot.