By cookiemonster - 13/08/2013 16:10 - South Africa - Johannesburg

Today, after placing it on top of the stove, my hot tray of freshly-baked cookies slipped. I caught it, though. With my bare hand. FML
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What happened to the cookies?!?! :/ 5 second rule

fml1365 30

You just got burnt.


No shit sherlock. What a waste of a first comment.

Why complain about a comment?

Must we do this every time?

Wow. FML is a tough crowd.

Ouch, sorry OP

How dare you fall and cause op to get burned!

2-this is basically a duplicate of the first comment -.-

Nice to know, I'll make sure to check that I reload my phone 10 times before I make a comment that is almost the same as the one before me. Thanks for telling me something about my life. -_-

fml1365 30

You just got burnt.

AnOriginalName 19

But at least she saved the cookies.

Apply water to burned area

What happened to the cookies?!?! :/ 5 second rule

Unless they fell apart into a glorious, chocolatey mess, in which case it would be infinitely more tragic.

But then you could just create a big ball of fresh cookie goodness.

5 seconds rule was busted by Mythbusters

p00p0nt0ast 10

I saw that!!

TheDrifter 23

Good reflexes. Did you save all the cookies?

forlifebro 15

I can completely relate to OP I have done this before and you feel awesome then your like ahhhhhh!

p00p0nt0ast 10

Well that was mean of the cookies

Don't you mean the tray?

p00p0nt0ast 10

Nope, the cookies. They must've known their fate, so put the tray off balance

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Damn reflexes, that kind of shit always happens to me as well. Your body just reacts to the object falling, not so much about what that object is.

So at least it wasn't an incoming grenade?

If I had the reflexes to catch it, I'd probably be just as quick throwing it back.

Cookies? Totally worth it.

NotGabe 28

Indeed. OP deserves it. All of the mouth watery goodness... -salivates-

But were the cookies OK?

If they were chocolate chip they were worth it.

p00p0nt0ast 10

But if they had raisins, not so much...

Oatmeal raisin cookies are Satan's favorite.

When people ask why I have trust issues, I tell them "raisin cookies".

What about peanut butter chocolate oatmeal? Those are good shit.