By pontwa - 23/08/2015 13:45 - Australia

Today, after nearly 2 years, my now ex-girlfriend decided she was ready to have sex. Specifically, sex with my dad. FML
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If only there was a way to make him your ex-father.

That's not fucked up at all...*shudders*


That's not fucked up at all...*shudders*

Who's your daddy bitch...

Freud would have a field day with this one.

...request sloppy seconds? Ugh...

Perhaps she was only dating you to get closer to your dad in the first place.

For two whole years? Talk about dedication.

That's like dumb and dumber to, kind of dedication right there! Haha, the long con!

Something about Mary? More like something about Marty...

Dude that sucks....sorry OP!

Why does #3 have negative votes? It is a thumbs up to me.

Let's see..... Maybe because there is a button for that? O.o

"Well that was easy." -Staples

#42 Well aren't you just so clever. I'll refer to my FML instructional guide next time.

I'd say your dad is equally at fault in that situation. What he hell?!

He should punch his dad. As a matter of fact, he should punch him right in the cunt.

And his dad wouldn't be able to stop him.

As long as he maintains the Cunt-Punch Position, there's no way the dad could stop him.

And your dad was cool with it?

There are messed up people in this world, specifically her.

I think the dad is more messed up. What kind of father would have sex with his son's girlfriend?

Maybe she thought he was you? But seriously, that sucks, sorry OP

#53, While I agree it is very unlikely for her to get them confused, it's not entirely impossible. me and my father look exactly alike. People often mistake us for twin brothers rather than father and son. So #8 should is not stupid for suggesting that, though it is highly unlikely.

#68. A girlfriend could not mistake someone else for we boyfriend. This is the most bullshit I've ever heard

May be not mistaken one for the other, but she might have been attracted by the same qualities that they both had. I don't know, maybe a kind of smile, voice tone or something that really does run in the family.

If only there was a way to make him your ex-father.

Yeah I'd never talk to him again.

Kill dad Introduce mom to person of choice Wait for them to marry ??? Enjoy new dad

Can children disown their parents?

69: kind of, it's called emancipation of minors

I'd like to point out that if the emancipation of minors applies here this is getting a whole new level of fucked up.

Okay. Two things, that is sick and, OP, this needs a follow up.