By howsthisforaname - United Kingdom - Kingston Upon Hull
Today, after my old downstairs neighbor, who would come upstairs to bang on my door and yell at me every time she heard a sound from me at all times of the day, had finally moved out, it became clear that my new downstairs neighbor gets drunk and yells at the TV in the early hours of the morning. FML
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By  ManInTheMachine  |  19

I swear there are one of those in every apartment complex! There was an ex-marine that lived above me at my old complex that would do the same thing!

If the issue persists OP, talk to the head office. Until then, FYL.


If the error was as minute as that (because I honestly didn't notice anything until you said it), then don't sweat it! Anyone that tried to correct you would probably either get buried or face a shit storm.

By  CustardAndPie  |  13

I know how you feel. My old downstairs neighbour used to scream at her kids all day, and night.
Now? I have a woman who leaves her dog in for like, 12 hour stretches on its own. This wouldn't be AS MUCH of an issue, if it didn't pine, loudly howling and barking its lungs out.
She doesn't do this during the day.

  CustardAndPie  |  13

#36, Only thing I can do is contact the RSPCA, but they don't have any rights to do anything except ask the woman not to leave her dog alone for so long. Not unless there's obvious evidence of neglect or abuse, anyway.
Animal protection services are rubbish, here. Landlord doesn't give a damn, either.