By toazt - 10/10/2010 08:45 - United States

Today, after my marching band's performance, the girls had to change out of our uniforms in a very dark school bathroom. Someone turned on the lights and I realized that more than a dozen roaches had crawled into my skinny jeans. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Must be one ghetto-ass school.

karmaslave 5

Were you wearing them?


karmaslave 5

Were you wearing them?

sounds like you're a nasty girl....I mean crabs, herpes, those are semi popular. but you went all out and got roaches...gross.

4- If you are goine to do something, might as well give it your all.

is this the same band where the person couldn't get in last night?

I wondered that too...probably not...:P

get it roaches, you look good!

DeesFMLs 0

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww but lolss

YDI for wearing skinny-jeans

She's a girl? If it was a guy, then it's a different story. Girls in skinny jeans looook hot!

KiddNYC1O 20

not every girl can pull-off skinny jeans and I think it looks stupid at the ankles. IMO

omgiitsme03 0

shutt uppp

I think skinny jeans only look stupid if you're too overweight, or wear the wrong shoes. Sneakers? Ick. (Yes, even Chucks.) Boots, strappy heels, or ballet flats? Yes please. 

I...I wear chucks with skinny jeans... D:

I think skinny jeans looks stupid at the ankles if the girl is wearing fat shoes.. The look of skinny legs and giant feet remind me of those creepy Bratz toys.. Now, skinny jeans and any length boots (with a heel, none of that stupid Ugg business..) or just sexy heels.. ;D

overthelimit 3

tall uggs actually look good with skinny jeans, its the short ones that bother me. sneakers look fugly with skinnies too, unless theyre chucks :D

noname5067 0

ehh I think skinny jeans shouldn't have been invented. get a girl a pair of good low cut/boot cut jeans she'll look sexy. skinny jeans make the but look weird too

I hate when really fat girls wear skinny jeans.

I knew I'd see some rediculous comment about skinny jeans xD god you people are stupid xDDDDDD

#71 Put clothes on, there's children on this website.

#71 Go work out more before you post a pic on the Internet. My grandma has better abs than you.

goldhighways 0


yeah, fashionguru right there! lol

OMG not skinny jeans! What ever would you have done had they been boot cut instead?

caester9 0

I wear skinnies with skater shoes and it looks fine. I'm not overweight or underweight either.

lol atleast you didn't bring any at home XD

i'm thinking that she was half way through putting them on when she realised... not actually wearing them, because if they were full of roaches you would notice before they were fully pulled up, I doubt they were on and fastened when she noticed...

Or she could have been just about to put them on when the lights were flipped on: it's rather hard to tell. This FML rather leaves us in the dark when it comes to details. EDIT: This might be a re-post. Sorry if it is. It appears my other comment was eaten by the comment bug.

Just roll with it, don't you want some cock?

if that was me I'd never wear those jeans again!

RedPillSucks 31

She's at school. How's she suppose to get home pantless? I suppose she'd have an easy time getting a ride, but I doubt she'd make it home alive.

I'd give her a ride home! :D

martialart1st18 19

That's what OP gets for dressing like a whore.

Oh damn...I can only immagine how terrified you must have been.

FYLDeep 25

Must be one ghetto-ass school.

flashback.miss 28

haha 9 :) and 8 .. yea.. bugs are..... well theyre sneaky... :) and OP... OO'''''' just how hairy are your legs??? did yuou have any crumbs of food stuck in the hairs? Roach buffet!!! XD nah j/l but how didnt you feelthem crawling on your leg.. or were you just kinda zoned out? were they dead and just hkinda stuck/squished on your leg? ewwwww EDIT: you said on your skinny jeans.. you werent wearing them.. sorry. bout that. but yeah... imagine them having a feces plopping on your jeans... wash em, burn them... give em away.... how did the others react?

Wash 'em, burn 'em, give 'em away. In that order... ;3

EricErection69 0

ew boil them

I would've screamed. Roaches are nasty.

romanceaser 0

oh, so you still managed to sneak in after all!!! good job!!! (a reference to the fml about the band geek who came late to the game)

I was thinking the same thing haha :)

you said what was on my mind lol