By Anonymous - Australia - Fairfield
Today, after my girlfriend has recently become obsessed with the serial-killer show, Dexter, she has grown an interest in cutting up pomegranates in many different ways and squirting the red, blood-like juice everywhere. I am now afraid to argue with her. FML
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  XxDevilxXGt  |  26

I would keep two eyes on the juice in the sunlight when she's cutting it, because then you can see it squirt amazingly like you've never seen before. :D and Dexter is amazing.

  mfischer  |  17

I believe what he meant was that you could use the parental control function to block Dexter, but that's really not a good idea. Trying to control your girlfriends life to the point of not allowing her to watch what she wants to would be ridiculous to the point of stupidity.

  Futacy  |  29

38- Then flames would engulf the Moon, a fourth dimension would open up, and Justin Bieber would become the empiror of our new post-apoctalyptic wasteland.

  MichellinMan  |  20

Well it all depends on what she's doing. If she's laughing like a maniac running through the rooms squirting juice all over the place then no, he's not overreacting. But if she's just squirting the juice in the sink or something along those lines purely for entertainment, then yea OP is overreacting.

  delevish  |  3

Maybe it's just me, but I got the impression that he's concerned about her new found fascination with carving up something that gushes red juice. I didn't really get the impression that he's scared of the juice, just the fact that she loves cutting things up.

  brackaman  |  18

Holy crap. A pradip comment that got thumbs up? I always thought people down voted pradip's comments regardless of quality as part of some unspoken fml tradition.