By mad flyer - France
Today, after my first flight landed late, I burned out my lungs sprinting full speed for 10 minutes to catch my next flight. The gate number on my ticket was wrong. It had been changed to one right next to where I had originally pulled up to. FML
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By  JackDark  |  0


Wouldn't they have done that over the speaker on the plane? And didn't you check the departures board?
Anyway, unlucky.
Did you make the flight?

No, just kidding.

  Rick_S  |  3

They almost always announce it on the plane, especially when they are running late. Or, you could have asked the flight attendant, or someone at the gate when you got out. NEVER trust the gate numbers on your tickets. NEVER!

  Reyo  |  2

freaken commenting system-

That doesn't automatically mean it wasn't a business trip. I can use that logic to say that a business trip was the only possible explaination.


Write, and I don't think the FML is because he got exercise. I think it's because he was late and that made him even LATER, also because he was so close originally he just wasted time. Needless to say, he was probably exhausted and he might've missed the flight.