By Anonymous - 10/08/2012 05:29 - Europe

Today, after my boyfriend and I had gotten frisky last night, I found a note on the front door of my building that read, "Dear girl in apartment 3D, from now on please close the blinds all the way or lose 30 pounds. Either would be acceptable." FML
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Forget the comment about losing the weight, that was just mean, however you might want to make sure next time that you aren't giving your neighbors a show via your windows.

Sex burns fat; problem solved?


Forget the comment about losing the weight, that was just mean, however you might want to make sure next time that you aren't giving your neighbors a show via your windows.

cantthinkofshit 5

Not much of a show from the sounds of it, maybe the national geographic channel.

TheDrifter 23

It's all in the music. "I'm sexy and I know it" will seperate her show from the other large mammal mating episodes.

cantthinkofshit 5

Haha music can only deceive for so long, pretty soon a fast food jingle will start up and she will rise to the top of the food chain. Lol your cat picture is pretty bad ass by the way.

Unbweavable 17

I don't even think its her fault. Nobody told them to gawk into someone else's apartment.

My blinds don't close all the way because they are broken. It sucks pretty bad because there is always that fear of who's watching.

Look at the positive side, your boyfriend didn't read the note. Now that would be even more embarrassing.

Maybe OP should exercise more

Who still calls it getting "frisky?"

irishpassion16 6

Looks like they got the 3D midnight showing ;)

Umm get new blinds. Seriously. You don't know what creeps are looking in!!

Who said her boyfriend didn't read the note? It was on the front of her building. I doubt she was the first tenant to read it. All of her neighbors probably saw it.

156 i am sure if her boyfriend saw the note he'd rip it off and save himself and his girlfriend from embarrassment. Why would he leave it there after seeing it?

I guess even voyeurs have standards these days.

what has the world come to…

*looks at picture* We all know it was you, 3.

What can I say, there isn't much for us cows to do out in the country other than graze, strip for more cow bells, and peep in on people changing/having sex

I think it would be easiest to just shut the blinds. Or you could annoy him and keep them open.

Wear a fat suit. But don't actually have sex.

#54: Fat suits aren't actually made from fat. Ugh, could you imagine wearing a costume consisting of harvested body fat from other people. *gag*

*cough*silence of the lambs *cough*

I might wear one in the winter, sounds warm.

I wear fat suits and people interchangeably. I find I prefer the blubber of actual fat people.

124, thats actually really nasty

131- thank you :) I try.

coolbrony12 3

No he WANTS to see her naked

Honesty is always the best policy!

Honesty and rudeness there is a difference

but honestly, sometimes they coincide. it's really about the delivery

Sometimes funny wins over rude.

I agree honesty is the best policy

He is an asshole, dont give him a chance to enjoy you no more

From the sounds of it, he/she wasn't delighted in the slightest.

citymayer 7

Omg double negative!! O.e

The_F3rris 11

Shes a brick, house! Shes mighty mighty! Lettin it all hang out

Sex burns fat; problem solved?

Problem solved! Challenge ACCEPTED!!!

Yeah pretty soon your neighbors will be sending you thank you notes... Anyone else find this creepy that the neighbors were spying on OP? They also knew which apartment OP was in?? I wouldn't be worried about your appearance, I'd worry about your neighbors...

A7X_LoVeee 10

I find your pic creepy.

On the bright side, only needing to lose 30 pounds before he/she thinks your hot isn't that bad. If that note inspires you to get into better shape it may lead to a happier, healthier life. This is of course assuming you are overweight and this person doesn't just like anorexic girls.

ONLY 30 lbs? Do you have a clue how much work it is to loose weight? I've been trying to loose 20 and it's been hell.

i lost 10 pound in a week and then i realized i looked sick and gained it back. i ate only fruit veggies and some type of meat every night and worked out everyday for an hour or 2 if not more.

I'm just glad people aren't complaining about me using "your" for "you're". I haven't slept in a long time, my grammar is usually good. On another note, I was 6 feet 150 pounds, and this girl I knew over the internet was into thin guys and told me to lose weight, and in 2 months I lost 17 pounds. Maybe I just have a lot of willpower, but I was close to underweight and I lost 17 pounds in two months. If I was overweight I'm sure I could lose 30 pounds in a month easily. I just ate less, walked more, did some aerobic exercises and always went to bed hungry. That was my biggest trick. You might be annoyed being hungry all day, but if you start to get hungry an hour before bedtime you only need to be hungry an hour a day. You're not hungry while you're asleep, and the time passes in the blink of an eye.

By the way, for the last 6 months or so I've been seeing people say "loose" for "lose" almost every day. What's the deal with that? Loose weight? I am too tired to deal with grammar. I am going to sleep for a fortnight.

For those who don't know, a fortnight is 2 weeks. Just saying.

You're an idiot batman. Starving yourself may make you lose weight quickly but when you actually start eating again you'll gain bak double what you lost. Eat and workout. Move eat move eat move eat

Maybe the original commenter meant that her other features were attractive. Like good bone structure, nice skin, pretty face, etc. Losing 30 lb isn't easy at all.

FirebirdF350 7

Hey bat, I am six foot two and weigh in at 190 pounds, if a woman tells me to lose weight cause she likes skinny guys, theres a major issue, I don't even wear a 36 in waist jean size, if you lost 17 pounds at 150, you have a health issue, plus your a guy so losing weight is easier for us than for most women. And it's not about the pervert watching, it's about how comfortable you and your partner are, I personally only date girls who I can't drop in my boots and lose them.

On the other hand, does the OP really care about coddling the note-leaver's boner? (Or ladyboner, as the case may be.)

Do you understand how much easier it is for guys to lose weight than girls? This guy friend of mine and i started working out the same day, same workout, at the same food, and in two weeks i lost 6 pounds, and he lost 13. So 30 pounds is a big deal.

When I went back to eating normally I didn't gain twice as much back, I just slowly returned to my original weight.

twisted_cherub 14

Batman, it's not just the difference between guys and girls losing weight. Having never been heavy, you have no idea what it's like. You were very thin to start with so you obviously have a high metabolism. The bigger someone is, the slower their metabolism gets and the more energy it takes just to do everyday things like walking to the bathroom or getting dressed. OP, who cares what they think of your body! Someone obviously finds you sexy enough to be sleeping with you. Note person has to get his/her thrills by peeping. Sounds like they have the problem. Leave a response message in your window, "At least I'm getting some instead of sitting alone, in the dark, watching a stranger live. Get your own life."

You say willpower but most would say low self esteem to force yourself to change your image for a person that you have never physically seen or been intimate with is pathetic. I'm 5'8 and weight 155 lbs but if my balls and dick shriveled up into a big fat pussy like yours did I would probably lose 30 lbs. What you going to do when she is bored of your look and wants a guy that can defend himself against a grade school kid and one that she can feel safe with . It seems she wanted to see how secure you were with yourself and your obviously a push over. You don't seem to mention if she liked what you looked like after losing weight. Also not mentioning her after your first sentence so I'm assuming she seen how vulnerable and insecure you were and moved on for a man

twisted_cherub 14

Changing your body for anyone is not a good idea, no matter how close you are or how long you've been together. A haircut or color is one thing (like, I begged my fiance not to shave his head until after our wedding just in case it doesn't look right and the photos immortalize a bad hairdo); but losing weight or making permanent changes like tattoos or surgeries? If the person you're with doesn't like you now, chances are nothing you can change on your body will fix that.

You should tell him to get a life and stop peeping.

I would be willing to bet she has no idea who posted it. It sounds like it was from someone in a next door building so it could be any number of people.

Then she should reply to the note. He will notice it.

bettyboop428 24

She could write a reply and tape it up in the window of whatever room she was in the night before. I am sure it would be read then.

No. In the same spot where he left it.

Great idea. Post it to the front door where everyone who passes by can see it! Great idea! OP should let everyone know she was having sex and some creeper watched! Or maybe she should just close the blinds and let this be a learning experience.

TheDrifter 23

Ignore the weight comment, if it was really an issue the people in the apartment below yours would have already complained of impending structural damage or at least sounded an earthquake alarm.

Prettybaux 6

Odds are if they're watching you, they aren't getting any themselves.