By Helpful Smile - 20/05/2014 23:50 - United States - Davenport

Today, after my bosses excitedly told me I'm getting promoted to customer service at our grocery store, a customer called me an idiot in the parking lot for accidentally backing into the shopping cart she left in my blind spot. And so it begins. FML
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Keep your head up OP, good for you for getting a promotion. Not all customers will be that nasty.

I hope there was no damage to your car! Some people can be such assholes.


Keep your head up OP, good for you for getting a promotion. Not all customers will be that nasty.

StillUsesMyspace 22

Some will be worse though. Much worse. Welcome to the customer side of the food industry OP.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Not all are nasty but you get tired of all the stupid people.

JMichael 25

Do you work at a Dillon's by chance?

Nope.. I'm a tutor.

How does one get promoted to Customer Service? That's where all hope in other people goes to die. But congrats still - hope you'll have plenty of happy customers

I hope there was no damage to your car! Some people can be such assholes.

People leaving shopping carts in the middle of parking lots is one of my pet peeves.

unless op owns a smartcar I doubt there is any damage. I hit carts all the time when they're in spaces sometimes at 25mph. a bump at less then 5mph may hurt the carts feelings but that's about it.

#74, I'm digging up an old thread just to point out how stupid that comment is. Lol. Hopefully that was sarcasm...

FYL OP there was noway you could have saw the cart. I hope your bosses understand!

Oh now i get it lol! I bet im gonna get down-voted damn :p

Turning your head around while backing would have prevented that situation. No need for the customer to act like he/she did, though..

Marcella1016 31

My thoughts're ALWAYS supposed to check your blind spot. When I first started driving, I almost sideswiped a couple of people while changing lanes, and I now check my spot religiously. Suppose that had been a child in your blind spot in the parking lot? Congrats on being promoted, but - and I rarely vote this - but YDI. Learn from this experience, rather than being all butthurt someone called you an idiot in what could be a very valuable - and lifesaving - life lesson. Who knows, the next time you fail to check your blind spot, it could be much more disastrous...

Mostly at 24, but a little at 6- We don't know what OP drives, if it's a car, then no excuse, if it's a truck or SUV then it's very easy to not see a cart behind your vehicle when it's lower than the tailgate or back hatch. So don't act like the OP is an oblivious idiot if you don't know.

or her could have been walking O_o

It is just ironic that the customer called her an idiot for doing something stupid, which it was, when she herself just did a very stupid and lazy thing herself. Not putting the cart in one of the trolleys or taking them back is just asking for trouble. You are basically setting someone up to get hurt because of your laziness. There is a reason stores have a sign out in the parking lot that they are not responsible for damage to cars due to carts. Everyone has to pitch in and not be dumb here.

26 if a person who drives a truck or suv uses that as an excuse to hit things, they shouldn't be allowed to drive them. "Sorry I backed into your kid and killed him, I'm driving a truck!" Use your backup camera or drive more carefully. The type of vehicle is no excuse.

Depending on the vehicle OP drives, he may have shoulder checked and still been unable to see a specific spot. I shoulder check in my car, but there is one spot where I can see nothing! Little circle mirrors on the corners on your regular mirrors will help tremendously if this is the problem, OP.

Not everyone can afford backup cameras and even my Cadillac has blind spots. I just check what I can and back up very slowly so if there is a kid then they can move out of the way of my vehicle.

58, If the thing (be it cart or something's else) is close to the SUV and lower (or even behind and below the back window) there is no way to see it. Don't forget that many people cannot afford the back camera option in their vehicles and a lot of older models don't even carry them. Yes people should probably do a walk around of the vehicle, but the majority of people don't.

"little cirlcle mirrors"= blind spot mirrors

Lol it's the old ones you got to watch out for...

Which hyvee!

Biggest let peeve is the people that do that... Good luck!

I work in customer service and there will always be those people who feel they should take out there bad day on you, but kill them with kindness. Generally if you can make someone laugh it will not be a bad conversation for either of you. And lastly try to be positive it spreads and will help you through your days!

On the bright side, at least it wasn't a kid!

Don't let the bastards grind you down.