By shira512 - United Kingdom - Romford
Today, after much debate, my husband convinced me to let his scumbag brother babysit our seven-year-old son while we went out to a restaurant. When we got home, we found him teaching our son how to pick the lock to our liquor cabinet. My husband is unapologetic. FML
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  Lexi_princess  |  3

Like I said #40 and 41, every child is different some kids can remember these things and others don't. Some kids at that age are smart and some kids can't remember a lot of what there told. It's just less likely a 7-year old will remember each tool and each technic to use. He is a kid. You guys think now a days just because a kid can use a smart phone that there the worlds smartest kids. Kids now a days are brought up with this technology in there life. This kid in this FML story was not brought up learning how to pick a lock. He learned one time he is not going to remember it for the rest of his life.

  metalwolf  |  17

Unless the babies know how to read, all they are doing is looking at the pretty pictures (icons) and figuring it out for themselves. they may be able to do something simple like press the square that looks like a green phone handset but I have yet to see a baby be able to do something more complex like going through the menus on an android phone and connecting to the free wifi at the coffee shop while their parents order something.

  AClassActx3  |  7

Yeaah you must not know much about kids. 1st off, picking a lock will take something simple, a bobby pin, butter knife or something because if it took "tools" it wouldn't be sneaky to be picking a lock, you'd get caught with your elaborate tools. & 2nd my niece was about 4 when she learned (from my brothers) how to pick my parents lock where all the snacks were! & 7 is an age where their memory is fine. Toddlers don't remember usually & even then nowadays most of the time they do.

  ogatasan  |  5

45- all the tools? It only takes two. One to push the pins up past the shear line, and another to turn the lock while doing so. Not real difficult to remember

  Jamialia  |  5

It was her husband's fault the brother was babysitting in the first place. However, she should of stuck to her guns and not agreed to it in the first place.

  Rowdey  |  10

I think everyone's at fault here, really. The brother for obvious reasons, the husband for insisting the brother babysit, and OP for allowing it to happen.

  Zoh_Aubrey  |  8

OP you deserve it. If you don't trust him and call him a scumbag why would you let him babysit your kid? Who gives a fuck what your husband thinks, if something happened to your kid you'd never forgive yourself.

I intern at a DCF and I hear this excuse all the time after the house is on fire or when the child is abused. "But my (blank) trusts him, so I did too."