By madib33 - 11/01/2014 05:49 - United States

Today, after much debate I let my mom wax my eyebrows. Now I get to look super surprised until they grow back. FML
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Draw them back on.

there's a freshman at my school who has eyebrows shaped like triangles... he always looks way too surprised


You will look like a giant teddy bear!

Unless OP had a crazy amount of eyebrow hair, and OP's mom glued them onto OP's body, covering OP, I don't think so. And if the mom did, I think that would be the FML. Not the surprised look part.

It's not necessary to make them stay looking ridiculous. Eyebrow kits are everywhere! A bunch of drugstore (and high end places as well) carry them, find one that suits your hair and skin and fill them back on. The prospect of drawing eyebrows on always sounds daunting, but it's easy to make them look nice and natural! Even youtube it.

actually... don't wax OP! your brows will sag in the future... Threading is better

there's a freshman at my school who has eyebrows shaped like triangles... he always looks way too surprised

That's kind of how my aunts are. They are like straight up then straight down.

Draw them back on.

I don't see why this is getting downvoted. It's a temporary solution until the hair grows back, and if done properly the drawn eyebrows will look fine.

#8: Maybe because they're probably already drawn on?

Some people remove their eyebrows so they Can draw them back. It means they get exactly what they want. Use this time to experiment.

#10: I suppose you're right; it's what I do. I shave my eyebrows off, draw the eyebrows back on, and then wax the hairless skin. That makes total sense.

#12 I meant that it was being thumbed down because OP had already drawn them back on, and that being why they looked surprised. edit: unless that still doesn't make sense then sorry :c

#36; OP meant that her mom waxed off too much of her eyebrows and shaped them in a way that makes her look surprised all the time, most likely extrnely arched. Where in the FML does it say she drew them back on? I don't understand how you came to that conclusion.

#39: I just assumed that she screwed the whole thing up and ended up having them entirely re-drawn on, and then that was messed up too. My first comment wasn't meant to be snarky either, by the way, just realized it kinda sounded like it, sorry guys

Drawn on eyebrows look better any ways.

If we all did this shit, the comments section would just be a list of numbers. Cut it out.

I agree... it really is useless

Come on, man.

41st! See how silly that looks?

Hey, it's cheaper than botox and you got the same result. Yay!

I think you're confused.

I think he was referring to facial nerves being numb accidentally which would indeed make for the same outcome

Yes, 31, that's what I was referring to. I'm guessing not many people have seen comedies that feature aging women desperately clinging to their youth.

You have no idea what botox is do you?

I'm not an expert on botox no, but I do have some idea what it is. It's a drug that is sometimes used in dermatology to smooth wrinkled skin, however it can have the side effect of temporarily paralyzing the facial muscles which can result in a stunned expression.

At least you still have eybrows left, right?

what? re-Read the fml

Always leave it to professionals to do this kind of work. Family members always seem to botch these kinds of things.

If anyone makes fun of you, just insult them by saying you're surprised at their overwhelming ugliness.

Gahh that's terrible! I would never trust anyone with my eyebrows. Once my brother-in-law's sister asked me to cut her hair. Well I had never cut hair and to this day I'll never know how to. Long story short, her hair was up to her waste and by the time I was done she had it up to her shoulders.... You'll have your brows back in 3 months.. or at least enough of them :)

If you didn't know how to cut hair why in the world would you agree to cut her hair???

we were best friends at the time and we didn't think the hair cut she wanted would be harder than expected. Haha it was pretty funny. Come on, lighten up a bit. Don't tell me you've never done anything stupid with your friends.

^ ^ • • ~

This face matches your profile picture too perfectly