By parasheeeet - United States - Birmingham
Today, after months of trying to train my cockatiel to perch on my finger, he finally trusted me enough to fly from his cage and land on my hand. I panicked and accidentally backhanded him across the room. FML
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  Ms_ValS  |  27

OP if you're so skittish why would you get a bird, open its cage and have it come to you? And birds have hollow bones. I pity the cockatiel got someone so foolish like you.

Stick to a tortoise or something so sudden movements won't startle you. Otherwise, I hope your next venture is to train something that could backhand you right back.

  helptheorphans  |  17

Hey OP!
I commented on #1's post so you hopefully see this... I used to have budgies and they were friendly to begin with. However, to get them to trust me I would pick them up and put them on my hands. this helped me build trust with them and hopefully will help you (the trick is, don't hesitate! ) good luck!

  mariri9206  |  32

I feel horrible for laughing at this.

  Tyrez  |  32

Really wishing right now that when I uncheck the "Show me the 'best' comments" box it would work that way I wouldn't see all these shitty jokes, puns, or people pointing out the obvious.