By parasheeeet - 13/01/2016 17:05 - United States - Birmingham

Today, after months of trying to train my cockatiel to perch on my finger, he finally trusted me enough to fly from his cage and land on my hand. I panicked and accidentally backhanded him across the room. FML
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I'm not an expert, but I don't think that's how you play angry birds...

Awe your poor bird. I hope that doesn't ruin his trust.


Awe your poor bird. I hope that doesn't ruin his trust.

OP if you're so skittish why would you get a bird, open its cage and have it come to you? And birds have hollow bones. I pity the cockatiel got someone so foolish like you. Stick to a tortoise or something so sudden movements won't startle you. Otherwise, I hope your next venture is to train something that could backhand you right back.

Hey OP! I commented on #1's post so you hopefully see this... I used to have budgies and they were friendly to begin with. However, to get them to trust me I would pick them up and put them on my hands. this helped me build trust with them and hopefully will help you (the trick is, don't hesitate! ) good luck!

That would certainly ruin my fucking trust

I think the bird's health is more important here

Birdslapped! I'll leave now.

mariri9206 32

I feel horrible for laughing at this.

Falcon punch

Cockatiel Punch!

WTF did you panic when you were trying to teach him this trick?

Maybe in this case OP wasn't expecting it and just reacted to something unknown touching their hand.

I'm not an expert, but I don't think that's how you play angry birds...

Might be how it's created

I have a phD in angry birds and I can confirm this isn't how you play it.

I snorted so hard at this my throat hurts now.

It's the LIVE version Bubbles, trust me. Atodaso...I f'n atodaso.

Really wishing right now that when I uncheck the "Show me the 'best' comments" box it would work that way I wouldn't see all these shitty jokes, puns, or people pointing out the obvious.

Oh God... Greatest pun i've seen here yet.

I suspect OP is guilty of fowl play!

I know this is bad but I'm laughing so hard

Me too! I love animals but the visual in my head is hilarious lol

My mouth dropped in horror:/

Good, then I'm not the only one. Hahahahaha!!!!

Maybe you weren't meant to handle birds after all. Poor little guy tried so hard

Ouch. I hope you can fix the broken trust, but I guess it will take you longer than a few months this time.

Is the bird ok? Why would you panic if it's what you're training him to do?

You panicked because he did exactly what you asked? Seems logical.