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Today, after months of my doctor telling me that my heart palpitations are simply due to anxiety, and that I'm perfectly healthy, I decided to weight train to face my fears. Two hours later, I was in the emergency room. FML
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Next time, don't bench press 400 pounds.

californiapoppy 11

You have to listen to your body, get a second opinion before you push yourself too hard next time


I swear some doctors pay to get a degree. Hope your doing ok now :)

Some doctors have to be proven wrong before they will admit to their judgement of error. I'm sorry, OP, that you had to go thru that. But I'm really glad you faced your fears.

Some doctors are sons of bitches.

Bliss391 7

And some docs are bastards.

Sounds like anxiety tbh. If you've had all the correct tests (echo, ECG etc) your heart is fine. If you're really worried get a second opinion. Then stop worrying. Btw why would you go straight for the weights room?? That's high intensity! Gentle aerobic would be better for you then work up.

enormouselephant 15

35- you say you're a doctor, have you really been taught that it is okay to diagnose over the Internet based on two sentences?

As my earlier comment said, assuming he's had the correct tests which are negative he's fine. Cardiology for the most part is black and white. It depends on what his symptoms are but based upon the history in the fml op has had months of consultations and probably investigations which I assume have come back negative, hence the "perfectly healthy". Well trained doctors don't say that lightly. There may be a tiny chance op will have some rare congenital heart disorder but they usually show up on investigations. I'm not an insensitive doctor, I think anxiety is a very real problem and it can destroy people lives. Perhaps op isn't getting the support he needs. If you have anything to add I'm interested to know your thoughts.

enormouselephant 15

Honestly I can't compete with your knowledge of everything as I'm pursuing law not medicine. However, from what I do know and the situations I have been in sometimes issues aren't evident at first, sometimes doctors get it wrong and sometimes it takes having to go to the emergency room to get several additional tests done. I guess I've been the victim of being a difficult medical case far too many times! I appreciate your going into a field to help people and being so respectful of my comments:)

There is nothing in this FML that said they had any testing. They told doctor, doctor said anxiety. End of story. I've had this happen. Had they done testing, I doubt this would have been the outcome. And a real Dr won't give medical advice or diagnosis without a complete history and much more info. Lawsuits are serious business.

hotPinklipstick 24

The fact that many people are blaming this on the doctor appalls me. No one is perfect, doctors can make mistakes. I bet every single person on this site who has had a job has made a major mistake at work. Hell I accidentally overcharged someone's credit card $200 over the actual total on the first day at my first job. Doctors have to know A LOT to help their patients, but doctors also have lives outside of work so something could slip their minds every now and then. Yes it can be life threatening when this happens, but it does. Doctors are some of the strongest people in the world doing a job like that knowing that one small mistake can take someone's life. Also (something many people don't know) when suffering from anxiety, strenuous exercise can cause your heart to feel over worked. I suffer from anxiety and have ended up in the hospital multiple times due to extreme chest pains after working out, arguments, or anything that makes my heart rate go up.

hotPinklipstick 24

Adding to that, I have had many tests (echo, ECG, etc) to make sure I don't have heart problems and every test has come back the same: my heart is in excellent condition. In conclusion, OP being in the ER could actually be due to his anxiety.

Thanks for the backup and reps hotPinklipstick!! You're awesome.

Next time, don't bench press 400 pounds.

BunchieRules 31

I agree, why only 400? A good 450 should yield much better results for toning the muscles, or even 500 if you're up for it. (end of sarcasm)

My sister has this. I remember her boyfriend texted me saying they just got a kinnect and xbox. When i got home around a hour later, my dad was off to the emergency room. I kinda laughed to myself.

6- is that what the fml community has come to ? We have to put "(sarcasm)" to signify we are using sarcasm. That's pretty sad.

The massive amount of people who have faulty sarcasm processors installed from the early 1900's still roam. --- It's not pathetic at all though. *sarcasm*

BunchieRules 31

36 - I figured most people would understand the joke, but there are always people who don't, and I didn't want to start a huge argument about it. I do agree that it somewhat ruins the effect of the joke for the people who understood it. I guess if I have to clarify sarcasm in my comments, they're really that bad.

59- let the stupid people who don't understand sarcasm get ripped apart and offended by sarcastic bosses. And leave your joke to the people who can understand it. No need to ruin it.

californiapoppy 11

You have to listen to your body, get a second opinion before you push yourself too hard next time

Congratulations OP! You have an incompetent doctor, you may want to change GP's.

When my friend's dad was dying of a heart condition and needed a quintuple bypass, the doctors told him that his heart was as strong as an ox's. It was only when they moves here, that the resident doctors actually properly diagnosed him, and he got the required operation.

In short OP, you're not alone, the healthcare system has failed many other people, and it's a real disgrace that needs to be rectified.

Mister_Triangle 21

It has nothing to do with any system. No doctor can know everything at once; mistakes are made. You have to see a specialist if you want a truly accurate assessment.

These kind of stories somewhat scare me. We can't even trust doctors anymore D: Mistakes are made, okay, but I hate it when professionals like doctors are so stubborn with the diagnoses they did or did not give and then turning out to be wrong...

As we cannot generalize sports referees, we cannot generalize doctors. They are human beings. No two are the same. Sure, some make mistakes. Just hope it ain't a fatal one and make sure you get the opinion of more than one physician. Specialists can be expensive but what's worth more than your life?

similar thing with my dad as of the moment, my dad kept on telling his doctor that he did not suffer with asthma and she refused to think otherwise. So, he goes to a specialist and finds out he has a lung disease... luckily now he's being provided the right medication and has this oxygen tank. Sometimes I wonder whether some doctors got there liscence as a freebie from a cereal box -_-

Build it up gradually. Don't just take it all at once man

It is disgraceful that after having your heart in the right place, that some quack hack risked your life.

At least you know now and can get the meds you need!

Slow and steady wins the race

Yeah, you made a smart decision in a way to "face your fears".

Exercise is one of the best ways to conquer real anxiety. Facing your fears is the only cure for what you are anxious about. Its called exposure therapy.