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Today, after months of looking, my fiancé and I finally signed a lease. We are using my savings to pay for it. This apparently poses a "moral dilemma" for my in-laws who think we should wait to be married. I'm paying for an apartment I'm not allowed to live in. FML
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wow ur stupid! why aren't you living there?!? kick him out, you move in, problem solved. quit being a doormat

Op didn't say anything about religion. he said "moral dilemma". Unless you believe that religious people are the only ones with morals and therefore moral dilemmas. cover up, your prejudice is showing.


omg how rude of them!!

I know right! stupid in laws. just go by what you want, it's not their house or money paying for it.

just ignore your in laws and go on with your life.. not their business anyways.

who the fuck cares what they think? if anything, your fiancé shouldn't be living there not you. if you were smart enough to think of that we wouldn't be reading this crap. So, YDI for being an idiot and not realizing common sense.

I read this exact fml that was posted LAST year

You will be connected to her family/parents for the rest of your life and this situation is going to be important in determining how they treat you in the future. you don't want to let them walk all over you or cause a rift between you and her family. talk to your girl and find a way to make everyone happy. lying about who is staying where has worked well for many a couple in the past. as they say, ignorance is bliss.

you deserve it for caring what they think

If they were truly traditional they wouldn't charge you rent

Truthfully, if I was getting screwed over money, I would take their jewelery.

Agreed with #34, except that the FML clearly states OP is engaged to a *guy.*

^where does it say that?

It says fiance, which is the male form of the word. Fiancee is female.

If you are old enough to be engaged to someone, you are old enough live where you want with who you want. Though you should generally try to respect your in-laws, if you let them steamroll you over now, you and your husband will be miserable. Especially since you already paid for the freaking apartment! Grow some lady-balls and tell them where they can put their values.

maybe there just telling you to get married?

tell those retards it's your money. they cant "not allow" you

#103--I'd say a LOT of people don't know that, though. My *fiance* always writes "fiance" when referring to me, and I'm just not bothered enough to correct him. This OP might be in the same boat. I also automatically assumed it was a guy. Who knows....who cares!?

actually, it doesn't state if it's a guy or girl...and it doesn't state if op is a guy or girl...

@ your_face: A lot of people don't know there's a difference and just say fiance to mean the person they're engaged to whether it be a guy or girl.

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Op didn't say anything about religion. he said "moral dilemma". Unless you believe that religious people are the only ones with morals and therefore moral dilemmas. cover up, your prejudice is showing.

there is nothing immoral about an unmarried couple living together

Technically what we consider moral all stem from the bible. Wether those morals were passed to you from your mother, grandmother, or through any other past family members, they came from the bible. Which is why some countries don't see a problem with deflowering children

Thank you for your typically vacuous, hate-filled, completely non-germaine rant.

109: That's entirely untrue. Civilizations have had their own moral codes long before they had access to the Bible. They often viewed things like murder, theft, and adultery as wrong too.

In your opinion only.

I agree that religon has done more harm then good, I think we all know of many conflicts that wouldn't have happened if there was no religon; but good things also come from religon.

132: Lots of conflicts happen in the name of religion, but often, the religious motive is just a guise for the real cause, be that greed, selfishness, power hunger, etc.

um if you do read the Bible you will read that it say "you are married to the person you lay with" well that what it would say now adage I can't remember word for word but that's basically what it says. so they are married by what the Bible says and yes they had whores too but you could screw them and not be married. I need to reread the Bible since that confuses me but it says.

Are you one of those assholes who hear about a problem and instantly yell " UMG RELIGION CAUSED THUS IMMA MAKE A BLOG BECAUSE I AM RIGHT AND THEY ARE WRONG!!!!111" Cause those people are wastes of space

Alot of wars are caused by oil but you dont demonize that do you? Thought so

wow ur stupid! why aren't you living there?!? kick him out, you move in, problem solved. quit being a doormat

Totally agree!! If you are paying you should be living there.

I totally agree with you.

Right. The moral dilemma should not be yours. If the fiance has a problem because of what her/his? parents believe, then they should move out. On the other hand, you could try to convince the in-laws that the dilemma is really about sex, so if you guys are not having sex, there shouldn't be a problem (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

I think if the find it wrong then they can pay for it..

sometimes in-laws are so gay.

If you pay for it, you live there. If your fiance cares about his apparently legally retarded parents more than for you... woah wait, shit, you already have a lease together? You are fucked then. And YDI for not realizing what a mommy's boy your fiance is while there was still time.

this is well said and true !!

even if you decided to do what the in-laws said, your savings are paying for it, you should be the one living in it. He can move back with his parents if he seems to think the same way.

My parents would say much the same thing, if you're mature enough to be engaged you should have the balls to tell them it's your life not theirs

So much this. My grandparents pretty much disowned me after I moved in with my fiance (then boyfriend, at the time) and said that it was immoral and that they were completely disappointed in me... all of this being said while he was sitting right next to me. It was a huge shitshow and to this day the relationship I had with them has never been the same.

Dude. Who the fuck cares what they think! It's your life not theirs. You're adults and can make your own decisions. Fuck them.

you're an adult. do what you want. Some of my husbands family felt the same way at first. Its against their beliefs not mine and we eventually got them to come around. they need to respect that you believe differently.