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Today, after months of dating, I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to take things to the next level. He told me that he couldn't have sex with me because of his religious beliefs. I would've been fine with this if it weren't for the fact that I know he and his family are all atheists. FML
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Go buy a vibrator... It'll probably be more satisfying anyways.

3mi1y_ 16

at least he isnt only in the relationship FOR the sex. in a way, be grateful


crazycrystal 4

? wow h passéd up sex ??? Omg !

LG_31 5

Atheism is a religion?

Viciousstorms 7

*double facepalm*

stevenJB 25

I cry knowing this is what the world is coming to

SystemofaBlink41 27

Who are these FML team guys?

Atheism isn't a religion. It's the rejection of belief in deities. But I guess you can say its a religion against religions...

SystemofaBlink41 27

:O i wanna be an FML ninja

Silly Alan, mentioning gods in the comments of an FML about Atheism. We all know you don't exist...

This sucks op, but your boyfriend can still believe in no sex until marriage even if he is an atheist. He just has strong morals and wants to be a good person, doesnt mean you have to believe in God!

My sisters friend once asked if I went to athiest church; I guess it must be!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Time for a great quote - "If Atheism is a religion, then not collecting stamps is a hobby."

37- It just HAS to be a religion seeing as your sister's friend said it!! What else has she said recently, so I can adjust my life in accordance with what the great sister friend prophet has to say??

38- I just seen that quote on Even they say it's not a religion.

It's a belief that "god" had ZERO to do with why we are here. And that there is no god. Antagonism like myself is that I'll believe in a "god" when I have physical proof.

63- Can't tell if trolling, or actually likes insipid quote -_-

Atheism is as much a religion as off on a tv remote is a tv channel

Aye dios mio. I literally face palmed at #2's comment. Sorry for the rejection OP, but shit happens. He could just be scared to go to that level? Bide your time.

75 - An antagonist is the "bad guy" in a story. What you're thinking of is agnosticism.

RedPillSucks 31

says the atheist agnostic antagonist.

I am antagonizing you for butchering the use of the word antagonize

To anyone who still doesn't understand: the answer is no.

You know guys, I don't think 1 was serious. Is that just me?

cyK0tek 0


Go buy a vibrator... It'll probably be more satisfying anyways.

prettypinklipsx 3

Lol that sucks OP. you must be really unattractive .. Ahaha he just doesn't wanna get up on all ..... that

#41, or he bats for the other team.

prettypinklipsx 3

True, true. & it wouldn't go against his religion, now would it? Possibly a reason he is atheist?

#45 talking about batting ;D

3- how could you know that?

shrekus 0

Oh vibrators, where would we be with out them? Oh yeah, learning how to please our women the right way... Duh

#43-- Or he "bats" for no team. There is such a thing as asexuality, you know...

Couldn't help but laughing.

xSonic 9


GoW_Chick 14

Couldn't help but wonder why you're so angry

prettypinklipsx 3

Can't help but wonder why this comment got thumbs down?

xSonic 9

I'm angry cuz i'm fat! *points at profile pic*

GoW_Chick 14

*looks at profile pic* Hey you may be fat but still cute all the same

xSonic 9

51- I'm pretty. You're pretty. Let's go to my place and stare at each other.

GoW_Chick 14

52- Sounds like fun to me, I'll bring the snacks.

GoW_Chick 14

It wasn't a fail 52 just got erased because it wasn't FML appropriate apparently XD

FortuneCookie3 1

56: fail

Maybe he converted to some religion? Hopefully. The alternative really sucks.

Perhaps he is trying to cover up the fact that he has erectile dysfunction, or a penile amputation. You never know...

AlaskanEskimo34 0

Just couldn't think of any other excuse so he blamed his non existant religion. God punish him. Oh, wait....nevermind.

Mandy0325 1

Or maybe he just isn't ready just yet and doesn't want to admit it because every guy is always ready for that

AlaskanEskimo34 0

54- If that is the case then he should be honest. Honesty gets you into heaven. Oh wait....nevermind again.

Fancyy 0

Youu had to ask him to 'take things to the next level?' thats crazy that he didnt wanna do that sooner.

Not everyone are in relationships for sex

Fancyy 0

Thank god.

Maybe OP is one of those girls that is more experienced and he's scared to disappoint? Shit happens

3mi1y_ 16

at least he isnt only in the relationship FOR the sex. in a way, be grateful

prettypinklipsx 3

But if she's ready for the sex, she probably wouldn't kind if he wanted to. Hence, the FML.

Haha your pretty you should text me

(girl with black hair)

Her pretty what should text you?

shrekus 0

WTF. A 15 year old talking about relationships like she actually knows, smh.

almostalbino 10

A horse and a dog talking about sex like they know. They're both fixed. Smh.

Just because his family are atheists doesn't mean he has to be

Meh, honest mistake. Maybe he converted?

GVirdi 11

Bro the fml team got chu xD

SecretMe00 5

She could be just assuming he's atheist because his family is. Just because it says "he and his family" doesn't mean he's actually atheist.

I dunno about you, but when I date someone, I make sure I know all the big details about them first. You really think she doesn't know his religious beliefs or lack of them, or are you just agreeing with "I lack reading comprehension and an ability to admit my mistakes" #9 just for the hell of it?

"more clearer"... Hehe... Please don't tase me. O_O

Graawr 7

Is he willing to give money for a stripper?

I see what you did there

pablopoo 7

Why are u one??

Mercedes16 7

At least he's not a thirsty ass guy like a lot of them.

Trix_Disorder 20

What does that even mean? I must be getting old.

kateheartswaffle 0

A guy that's crazed over sex. I'm guessing that's what she means. :)

Mister_Triangle 21

I see 3 ways of reading t comment: thirsty-ass guy (a guy who's really thirsty) Thirsty ass-guy (a guy who is made of butts and is thirsty) Or thirsty ass guy (a guy who appreciates asses and is, metaphorically, thirsty for them )