By Anonameow - / Tuesday 15 March 2016 18:42 / United States - Freeland
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  desijatt  |  13

You can't just do that. You need permission forms sent home and the parents informed about it. A school can't just administer something like that without parental approve. Alright highschool I get it but little kids hell fucking no is your mind straight?

  catherinecas  |  30

Can you imagine someone using this as a segue for any subject?

"Much like this condom; life is going to be sticky and a little unsettling. Cheer up kids you can do it alone."
I for one would have paid way more attention in class if condom analogies were used.


My name? Thanksssss. I'll walk away with my acid-washed pants and cry because someone thought my name was terrible. Thanks, I didn't realize that having a somewhat correctly spelled username was a bad thing.

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