By Anonameow - United States - Freeland
Today, after lots of overcast weather, we opened the blinds to the children's section in the library, to let in the beautiful sunshine. Fifteen preschoolers were greeted by the sight of a used condom plastered against the window. FML
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  desijatt  |  13

You can't just do that. You need permission forms sent home and the parents informed about it. A school can't just administer something like that without parental approve. Alright highschool I get it but little kids hell fucking no is your mind straight?

  catherinecas  |  30

Can you imagine someone using this as a segue for any subject?

"Much like this condom; life is going to be sticky and a little unsettling. Cheer up kids you can do it alone."
I for one would have paid way more attention in class if condom analogies were used.


My name? Thanksssss. I'll walk away with my acid-washed pants and cry because someone thought my name was terrible. Thanks, I didn't realize that having a somewhat correctly spelled username was a bad thing.