By Anonymous - 11/08/2014 16:27 - Canada - Saint John

Today, after ignoring my concerns and declaring that "safety equipment's for pussies", my husband went rock climbing for the first time. He only sprained his ankle, but is acting like it's broken. He's now playing video games in bed and pissing in a bucket because walking is "too painful". FML
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It seems like "walking's for pussies" now.

His logic is sound. Video games cure everything.


It seems like "walking's for pussies" now.

Ummm I'm pretty sure dogs walk too.

His logic is sound. Video games cure everything.

And so does peeing in a bucket.

It's not the video games as much as the "pissing in a bucket" part that's worrying about this.

if I can find someone who would be cool with me peeing in a bucket and just play playstation in bed all day, now that is a keeper!


That seems unnecessary, if u were OP would u actually do that?

Wow. FML has a great community! "Divorce your husband because he made a stupid choice and is being stubborn!"

Divorce has been going up ever since FML was founded; coincidence?

23, I agree that a spouse ignoring the other's feelings and concerns is a red flag. However, for all we know he's only ever done that once and this was the only time it's happened. Definitely something to talk about him with and keep an eye on for the future but not worth divorcing at this point.

It's not like it was a big deal. It's not like we're discussing her warning him not to see another woman or something. It was a simple concern, and absolutely no reason to consider divorcing someone over.

I hate how every minor little relationship conflict there is on FML, someone always comments about getting a divorce. Under most circumstances, it really isn't necessary.

I'm pretty sure there's a part in marriage that states that only death should separate the two apart. Soooo... Wtf would she divorce her husband over something so trivial? People like you have destroyed the concept of marriage. Back then people would try their hardest to make the marriage work because they didn't believe/ didn't want a divorce and that's what made it so special. Now, don't marry at all because according to the percentage of divorces, chances are you'll end up like that. That's just sad. Traditions are dying. :'(

Um no. behaviour like that is not a one off. I know from experience. I'd like to know what other excuses he had for pissing in the bucket before this day.

Whose pussy are you talking about?

dont help him anymore, because helping is for pussies

He's obviously too macho to need any help.

Ahh men. They are a specimen that are hard to understand. Just like women.

Sounds logical to me.

Even if it WAS broken, he's still overreacting.

Ya, I don't know many people with a broken foot that are peeing in buckets because it hurts too much to walk. Isn't that what crutches, cane's and those special boots, are for; to help you walk when it does hurt.

I can see his vagina from way over here

#31, but...but...crutches, canes, and boots are for pussies!!!

I still have a hard time imagining how much pain you would have to be in before peeing in a bucket seems like a good option.

Never sprained anything have you