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  Kiwiscanfly  |  19

I totally get that OP, everyone hates the sound of their own voice. I think I sound annoying as hell as well, and I ask people how they can stand listening to my voice and they usually tend to say "It's cute", so your voice probably isn't as annoying as you think it is.

  Poppipuff  |  14

Apparently it is just because we aren't used to the real sound of our voice (since we hear it 'from inside') and it is just too weird for us to hear our own voice but differently, so disgust kicks in.
But maybe in op's case it is rather not the sound of her voice that she finds annoying but the way she talks and the things she says. We also tend I think to find what we say to be useless and dumb, that might sometimes be the case though.

  Wizardo  |  33

#27, Yeah I do, sounds like Chris Tucker on speed with his nuts in a clamp all the while inhaling helium. Spongebob's voice has to be one of the most annoying sounds known to man.

  SMHsohard  |  22

No, the way you sound on tape IS the way you sound to other people. The reason it sounds so much different from your point of view is because you're hearing it resonated through your skull and facial bones.