By Shoeless - 20/01/2010 20:16 - United States

Today, after I drank way too much, my friend pulled the car over so I could throw up. Next to my pile of puke was a discarded shoe that looked remarkably like one from my favorite pair. When I got home, I realized that my left shoe was missing. FML
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Drink less, dumbass. If you can't handle your booze, don't drink at all.

What a stupid FML.


What a stupid FML.

3rd... whyvdo people always do this stuff 3rd 1st ect its soo lame and btw. nice 1 had similair problems :D

lmao that poor shoe

git over it ....!!!


well damn you must of been really drunk. XD

what were you drinking that you thow up a shoe

Is the fml that you drank way too much or lost a shoe? Neither is very D: worthy I think you should be kinda grateful you didn't throw up in your car/all over yourself/your friend and then have to clean it up the next day. And also grateful you didn't lose your wallet - happens to a lot of people getting blind drunk