By Anonymous / Friday 23 November 2012 22:51 / United States
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  kakarot2  |  11

Mariachi music is good romantic music. Considering what's playing on the radio now a days (dubstep, JB, rap)... I would take it over any of that any day.

  JoeGrant  |  12

17- dictionaries can only provide you with the definition of one word at a time. You'd have to find "fucking" and "annoying" separately.

But, seriously, mariachi bands are amazing!

  ositoakaluis  |  16

it's not revenge that you should encourage. especially if your neighbors' take your advice and then your whole block gets accordions, flutes, bagpipes, and guitars and they all start to annoy each other at the same time.

By  tsent8  |  15

You can't kick your insomniac ass! What were you thinking you gotta treat it like a fine lady. Buy it a mariachi band! Then you'll get your sleep.

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