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  ironmany_fml  |  23

shouldn't OP have checked this BEFORE quitting their old job? technically it is your responsibility to read all the papers carefully before signing up for anything. If there was nothing written before and this is a new "clause" added by the new boss. Then of course it is wrong, else it is a YDI for not paying attention.

  ThatOneGuy719  |  16

How would that go?
"Heyyyy well... You guys remember how I quit? Well.. You know, I take that all back. Sorry... Guys..." Then OPs old boss would just say "Oh damn i thought you'd never see us again! Welcome back buddy!"
And OP lives happily ever after.

  theTravinator  |  21

Idk, depending on the job and the circumstances of how OP left a final impression, they could possibly go back. But obviously if it's some big professional job and/or their 2 week notice was written in feces saying "fuck you", they wouldn't have a shot getting back.

Every job I've ever had though I was told that if I ever wanted to go back all I'd have to do was ask. But that was a few retail jobs and fast food- nothing white collar or something of that nature.

  MrsLighthouse  |  8

My mother was loaned out by her job to another private company being told it was going to last only a "few months". It's now been two years. "Strictly experimental" doesn't always work the way the company implies. Good luck OP, hopefully this change works out for you.

By  Steffi3  |  40

Is that also what your contract says? Because if not, they can't do that

  kbecks87  |  16

Most states employee 'at will'. They can let you go at any time for anything with as much or as little notice as they choose. Just as you can quit for any reason at any time with as much or as little notice as you choose.