By Anonymous - Argentina
Today, after getting a root canal, I told my mother how boring it was just sitting there with my mouth open for ages while the dentist did his work. She then told me how she had to do the same kind of thing on her anniversary night with my father. FML
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By  Ambient25  |  24

Your mom really needs to tell your dad that. There's nothing worse than boredom during sex.

But yeah, definitely not what you want to hear from your parents...

  swick25  |  22

have to agree that there is nothing worse then boring sex. so glad my girlfriend and I have an amazing sex life. never a dull moment, NEVER!!! ;)

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Congratulations, 63! I know my sex is awfully boring. They just stare at me with blank eyes wondering when it's finally going to end. I on the other hand put entirely too much effort into it and look like I'm trying to solve a riddle! What's fast, fun, and full of cum? Certainly not me! I'm slow, brash, and I may let you stick a finger in my ass! Hah! Rhymes..