By Anonymous - 23/11/2013 21:57 - Argentina

Today, after getting a root canal, I told my mother how boring it was just sitting there with my mouth open for ages while the dentist did his work. She then told me how she had to do the same kind of thing on her anniversary night with my father. FML
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My jaw dropped at that statement but not for your mother's reasons.

wow things you NEVER want to hear about your parents


My jaw dropped at that statement but not for your mother's reasons.

My mouth dropped at the statement....TMI to know. FYL OP

Shut up and take my money!

You're not doing it right.

wow things you NEVER want to hear about your parents

That sucks d**k

I couldn't tell what the word you censored is. Is it duck?

I think it's "dark"

No guys, I'm pretty sure its "dunk"

you sure? Because it could be "dork".

I'm pretty sure he meant dusk.

He could have been refering to his new deck

Or maybe it was "dock"

my bet is on "desk."

Hmmm "disk" is possible

Hmm maybe his towel was "dank"


could be Dink?!?!?

Who let #60 on the computer??

I did. #60 needed to search for his lost sense of humor. What a donk.

I had to wait 3 hours to get my braces on. Now another 3 hours to take them off

#4 I think the reason it took so long is that you don't have teeth

seriously what is wrong with you 61?

Actually I do. If I wouldn't have teeth I couldn't even gave braces... If you're gonna insult someone, at least have a solid insult

I made a typo. Instead of gave, I meant have gotten

79, it was a joke, calm down. and 61, maybe you should take the week off from fml.

That has to be one of the worst mental images.

5- Once I was looking for something in my parent's closet and found the "Ultimate Sex Book." Imagine that mental image.

Your mom really needs to tell your dad that. There's nothing worse than boredom during sex. But yeah, definitely not what you want to hear from your parents...

have to agree that there is nothing worse then boring sex. so glad my girlfriend and I have an amazing sex life. never a dull moment, NEVER!!! ;)

Congratulations, 63! I know my sex is awfully boring. They just stare at me with blank eyes wondering when it's finally going to end. I on the other hand put entirely too much effort into it and look like I'm trying to solve a riddle! What's fast, fun, and full of cum? Certainly not me! I'm slow, brash, and I may let you stick a finger in my ass! Hah! Rhymes..

You mean she wants her son to convey the message to dad? that's funny

Makes me wonder whether you were a mistake. Sorry OP. FYL.

What does that have to do with anything?

who even says shit like that, you're an idiot

7- Why? because mom got bored sucking dick?

gives you something to remember each time you're at the dentists office..

Scarred for life