By nothungry - United States
Today, after four years of anorexia and lots of recovery, my parents took me out to dinner with my counselor and whole family to celebrate my progress. I ended up eating something that made me vomit everything I ate. My parents now think I am bulmic and are sending me back to counseling. FML
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  DameGreyWulf  |  0

@17, I laughed hard.

@OP: I remember seeing you in moderator world.
I assume you told your parents what happened... but of course they didn't believe you, did they? Hate parents like that... rather than take their child's word for it, they'd rather ship you off to a counselor. It's nice that they obviously care for you a lot, yes, but since you JUST RECOVERED from anorexia and were at a healthy weight, assuming you had actually turned to bulimia was a bit of a dick move. FYL for sure... but at least you get free food!

  livgasms  |  4

tbh if I was a parent and my daughter just recovered from a very serious eating disorder and then she throws up her meal I'd send her to counselling. people with eating disorders are notorious for lying and deceiving people they're close with about their problem and OPs parents would know that. err on the side of caution, at least they care.

  plexico  |  3

You don't get food poisoning during the meal you eat the tainted food. It takes several hours to a day for vomiting and/or diarrhea to kick in. The "and" condition is my favorite.

  letitbe56  |  0

Ah yes, the "and" condition. Where you have to decide which one you'd rather clean off the floor. Fun times.

It is entirely possible that her stomach rejected the food because it just couldn't handle it. We don't really have any way of knowing what condition the OP is in. She says "lots of recovery," but people with anorexia are often very bad at knowing how much recovery they really need. And 4 years is a long time to starve your body.

  plexico  |  3


Actually, we are both making assumptions that are not stated. I was of the impression that she vomited right then and there at the dinner, and you assumed she did so hours later. There is no indication of what the time span between the celebration and the puking was.

By  Tubasaurus  |  0

They made that diagnosis within a few hours and watching you puke ONCE? Just stay home for a week and prove to your parents that you can eat your food and keep it down.

By  Pixelle_fml  |  0

Ah... Feel for you. Try to prove you can eat without throwing up?
#7 I know what you're on about, everytime I'm not hungry they tell me I'm going to go back to hospital!

OP, congratulations on your recovery!