By superfreak6 - United States - New Orleans
Today, after fishing for 5 hours, I finally caught a respectable-sized fish. I ran to my truck to grab the scale, and then I saw my friend laughing hysterically while holding an empty net. Apparently, the only catch of our day jumped out of the net during the 15 seconds I was gone. FML
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By  GhostFox  |  33

I once caught three fish (totaling about ... 12 pounds all together from what we could guess; maybe a little more) over a few hours when I was about ten years old. I put them in the fishing pot (sort of a 'jar' made of mesh that you can keep in the water so you don't have to prep the fish right away) and went inside to get my mom and grandparents to show them, since they were the first fish I'd caught on my own, entirely.

Came back out and the smallest fish had used the two larger fish, who I had caught first, to jump into the top enough to open it wide enough for him to use the larger fish again to jump out of the pot. We got to the dock right as he flopped his merry (b)ass back into the river. I wasn't pleased, especially since my brother just sat there and let him get away because he was pissy about me catching fish when he never had (and still hasn't.)

Watching time swim away in an almost literal sense is horribly aggravating, and can make you wonder why you decided that fishing was going to be a 'fun' or 'relaxing' activity.

  chuka81  |  27

One day gigantic aliens with nets would come for you. When they catch you, do the respectable thing and don't try to escape. After all that's what you expect from the fish.