By GrossedOutKary - Puerto Rico
  Today, after finally moving into a better neighborhood, my family and I were greeted by the elderly couple who live window to window to us. How? By hearing them have sex loudly and then praying for forgiveness even louder. Welcome to the neighborhood! FML
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  mariavan  |  0

WHY does everyone feel the need to take their profile pix in the bathroom??!?? OK...even if u must....puh-leeze put the toilet lid DOWN... and fer cryin' out loud....for all that is sacred and holy... Clean. The. Fuck. UP. Gah!

  mustafa_fml  |  0

first of let me tell everyone that of ur flirting with some one through fml then ur a creep and a loser. that being said op u should tell ur neighbors that god doesn't want to hear them crying for forgiveness knowing that there just going to sin again later hahaha.