By GrossedOutKary - 19/05/2010 19:20 - Puerto Rico

Today, after finally moving into a better neighborhood, my family and I were greeted by the elderly couple who live window to window to us. How? By hearing them have sex loudly and then praying for forgiveness even louder. Welcome to the neighborhood! FML
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New home in a nice neighborhood? $300,000 The old couple next door? priceless

missvee98324 0

old people ftw


Not ew I bet she's a total gilf! jk lol

ummm, hell yea you should get a girl and have a contest with the old couple. I can see good times in your future

.... PRAISE THE LORD...... AMEN!!......... SWEET BABY JESUS......... this is the sounds riight? haha

it's going to be a long time before you move enjoy it :D !!!

dats funi n disgusting at the same tym!

Why did they have to ask for forgiveness?

I personally love your neighbors. That's hilarious.

hey leave the cute Asian girl alone. lol

honestlove11 0

30. learn to spell.

ten commandments. (;

WHY does everyone feel the need to take their profile pix in the bathroom??!?? OK...even if u must....puh-leeze put the toilet lid DOWN... and fer cryin' out loud....for all that is sacred and holy... Clean. The. Fuck. UP. Gah!

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#3 Probably not if she's like a hundred. lol

radical dude, old shits and they still know how to get there freak on! I'm gonna be doin it till the day I die

52 i think your bathing suit is a little bit small... did you get one like, 5 sizes to small? even the skimpy ones dont show THAT much...

#14, u should think before u say something like that to a person... that was so unnecessary haha I sound like a mother :P

1221jamw 11

for keeping the neighbors up. durr...

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you shouldve recorded it on camera and sold it for drug money

I just heard wal-mart got knew earplugs. u should go and get some! EARPLUGS FTW

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Matt_Iz_Ice which one are you? The one in the middle? (;


Ew, not attractive? Also not a very good welcoming!

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Yeah, old people FTW

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#14... people who can't spell are ew.

#31 maybe it was anally..

#47 I spel da way I wnt wit it!

that's redneck christianity right there. dannn, good comment

the praying is the funny part

#16 oh bby Jesus that's funny(:

86- You look incomptent and stupid. You can tell 47 to "deal with it", and they did. They told you to learn to spell. And you should.

missvee98324 0

old people ftw

you know you liked it

I'm still confused about where that hand is comming from :-/

Dismissal 4

its coming from her arm... I thought her knee was her shoulder too?

Obviously she dipped her thigh in toxic waste and it just appeared...

ohhh I see it now :P I thought her knee was her shoulder and her leg her arm >.>

Yeah Marinus that's what I was thinking at first. and duh catherine it's so obvious!

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ewwwie that's gross and Fu who said u deserve it... no one deserves that

they could be refering to the "better neighborhood" and take offence to that. or maybe their just retarded. either way u r correct

first of let me tell everyone that of ur flirting with some one through fml then ur a creep and a loser. that being said op u should tell ur neighbors that god doesn't want to hear them crying for forgiveness knowing that there just going to sin again later hahaha.

New home in a nice neighborhood? $300,000 The old couple next door? priceless

Not such a nice neighborhood. but it's all about location location location!... So where did grandpa stick it?

caits13 0

i think its cool that old people still have the energy to do that. the world is getting more healthy bit by bit. lol

at least they repented(:

wow you have a georgous smile

bandgeek_bri 0

hahaha. lmao funnty wouldn't that be funny if they turned out to be ur granparents! ha!

That'd be hilarious. . . lmao Unless it happens alot Then it might get annoying ;0


what number 15 said