By Economess - United States
Today, after expressing some of my reservations about the amount of work I have to do to accomplish my thesis on time, my graduate advisor compared my search for knowledge to Tom Hanks' odyssey in the movie "Castaway". FML
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By  _THE_MASTER_  |  0

I really don't get it. you're teacher said you were a waste of 2 hours and 45 minutes? or that your thesis was? and, against all odds, you actually got somewhere with it? you fail.

By  boredinjp  |  14

Are you trying to say that you think you have too much work to do? Sorry, that doesn't get my sympathy. Want a diploma? Earn it, don't complain that it'll cost ya.

By  Inoku  |  0

That's because your graduate adviser is probably sick and tired of grad students bitching about all the work they have to do. Who told you grad school was all fun and games? And if you had been working on it steadily, you wouldn't have a ton of work in the few months before you're supposed to hand it in.

By  IronWarrior  |  9

I think what the advisor was REALLY saying is that is looks like the fellow would prefer to talk to a volleyball with a bloody handprint on it than actually do something productive. Get a life and some REAL friends and more importantly, do your god damn work.