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  luther48  |  20

Statistics and common sense tells us this:
1. Our son: statistically means a kid from two heterosexual parents (99.9% in Australia per
2. "Returns him": more times than not, the mother gets full custody of the child. Returns him makes it sound possessive as though OP has full custody (85% of kids living with one parent live with mom)
3. OP's person at the top of the post says woman, so common sense dictates she's the woman (99% per common sense)

84% chance OP fits into ALL of these. It's probably dad that shaved his head.

By  InfiniteSunshine  |  32

I have to say, that was a really shitty thing for your ex to do. You don't just go out and completely change something on your kid without discussing it between each other. There should've been a compromise. Also, it should be talked over with your son too. He may be young, but they do have opinions, and he should have input when it comes to changes on his own body, kids deserve this respect too.

  gothiccookies  |  10

It is possible that the shaved head idea came from the kid! It was incredibly irresponsible for the ex to do that after possible options were discussed, but I can't discount the fact that maybe the kid suggested the shaved head, I know I wanted to once when I was young!


It is possible, but even if it did come from the kid, you notify the other parent before making a major change like that. Also, considering OP's title says "kids ain't pawns," I'm willing to bet it was more the dad's idea than the kid's. I mean, they're discussing hairstyles and then the child comes back with no hair to style, that's pretty clearly spite.

  orangejubejube  |  20

Entirely possible that the kid had the idea, but it should definitely be discussed with all three involved. Experience; I said I wanted to be bald like my dad when I was three, my dad was like okay cool!! And buzzed my head right then and there.. For like two years people thought I was a weird boy who liked to dress like a girl, or they clutched their hearts and thought I had cancer. I wore so many hats...

By  Llyev  |  10

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  GhostFox  |  33

I'm pretty sure it's Summer in Australia this time of year. So winter hats will look odd- but if he's shaved, he needs a hat just to keep from getting a sun burned scalp.

By  superapple  |  23

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