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Today, after dieting, rigorous exercising and a major lifestyle change, I have finally reached my fitness goal. My parents were more excited about my 17-year-old brother getting to 3rd base with his girlfriend. FML
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Maybe your parents really want grand children?:) But congratulations on reaching your fitness goal! You should be proud of yourself about that. Not everyone have the patience and willpower like you do, so it would be double luck, he reaching third base, and you fulfilling your goal:) Have a nice day.

Tell your brother I say "high five!".


Tell your brother I say "high five!".

17 years old, and 3rd base is legendary...? Why didn't I get any high fives for smashing home runs when I was 8...!? ... We are talking baseball, right?

15 what else would we be talking about?

Tee ball, soft ball, emptying balls...

What bothers me the most is that the kid is sharing this information with everybody like it's some kind of conquest. Maybe this is why our society's morals are swirling so quickly down the toilet.

21 - you don't know that. He could of just told his parents, and his sister (op) is now spreading the news.

21 ur the reason society if fucked =D I joke

Most guys I know, meaning pretty much all of them, would tell their friends before their parents this kind of thing. I'm going to say 95% chance he belongs in that category of hormonal teenager, so if it's already reached his parents, well...

Barney Stinson already has his hand in the air

It makes better sense if it was the 4th base

21, society's morals? Morality is a personal and relative thing.

21, Something tells me context might be extremely important in this case. You may not want to jump the gun until you actually have the story rather than a couple of words.


36- I don't think there are four bases. I'm pretty sure it's three and a home plate.

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21- couldn't agree more!!!!!

Guys, it's a post on a website called Fuck My Life. I don't believe this website was created to have debates about morals and society. I think it was made to have a good laugh at the expense of others

33- Barney is gay. or at least the actor that plays him is. but he's still probably waiting to hi-five the kid anyway :)

58, watch how ya talk. Mentioning 'gay' on the Internet will get you banned... Also, half the members on here are probably gay. Not bashing anyone, just an observation.

73, you're a moron, the actor who plays Barney is litterally gay, as in, he is a homosexual. That's like saying I can't call my African-American friend black, because it might be offensive on the internet, but its true.

^^Techically he is not black in fact very few African Americans are in fact "black".

58 Neil Patrick Harris is gay, Barney Stinson is as straight as any man gets (although if you watched the newest Harold and Kumar, that would tell you that they're both actually straight :) )

Black skin color doesn't make you African-American. There are white African-Americans. As well as black Hispanics. So saying he's black is more PC to me.

Maybe your parents really want grand children?:) But congratulations on reaching your fitness goal! You should be proud of yourself about that. Not everyone have the patience and willpower like you do, so it would be double luck, he reaching third base, and you fulfilling your goal:) Have a nice day.

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Always nice to see your positive comments amongst the people whining or making grammatical errors and the comments correcting them. They're always worth a read :)

although him getting a blow job isn't going to get grandkids

Maybe you shouldn't be fat in the first place. YDI.

I hate it when I accidentally give a good comment a thumbs down. Could someone give Keevarou a thumbs up in my place?

I completely agree with Keevaroo, Op should be proud. It's not always easy to change yourself, especially without some positive re-enforcement. Way to go, Op! :) [104- Wish granted, your negative thumb was neutralized. ;) ]

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Ha that sucks...

There's a button for that - no need to comment the obvious -__-

What kind of parents are excited about that?

Ones that are going to be unexpectedly slapped in the face by a call from Planned Parenthood in the near future.

Youndo mean unplanned pregnancy right?

Gross. Why do they know that happened?

TheDrifter 23

Planned Parenthood is a misnomer; if girls were planning on being parents they wouldn't be there.

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Weight loss happens over a period of time, so I'm sure your parents have spent many a day being proud of you. It isn't like you lost it all over night. You just happened to reach your goal at the same time as your brothers "big news". Share the spot light for day OP! Even if it's over something that most parents wouldn't care to know.

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Planned Parenthood is a medical center that offers services to women who can't afford the more expensive doctors offices. They offer cheaper birth control, free pregnancy tests, and other services like information on insurance and adoption/abortions. Planned Parenthood is often looked down on because a 14 year old can go and get birth control without her parents knowing.

All that matters is that you accomplished what you set out to do. Your parents will probably say something when they realize this is for long term.

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You reached your goal. That's the important thing. Congratulations OP!

As long as your happy about yourself and goal doesnt matter for others opinions.

You reached your goal! I would be proud of myself.

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Use your brother as a punching bag and you'll get even more exercise ;)

Not really his fault that their parents were more excited about his "achievement".

Parents these days never cease to amaze me.

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Spoken like someone with no kids

11- After a certain age, kids become responsible for their own actions. Parents can only guide their children for so long. I can't believe I'm telling a fellow teenager this. I'm sure you made decisions without your parents, decisions that only you can take responsibility for, so you should understand that even if the parents were strict, God-fearing (not that religion has anything to do with this) moral souls, the child could end up a low-class stripper. (I say "low-class" because people will fight me about the whole 'morals of being a stripper' issue, and that's an entirely different argument that I'd rather not go into.) As the saying goes, you can take a horse to water, but cannot force it to drink. I think you can figure out who falls into which category.

My bad. *someone who was a teenager