By waitthatsnotme - United States
Today, after dating my girlfriend for about a month she decided to change her Facebook status to taken. When I saw the update I immediately clicked "Like." Then I looked up and saw I wasn't the person she had put herself in the relationship with. FML
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  truslide  |  0

you don't "date" a girlfriend. Dating a girl doesn't mean she's yours. Dating is the step before a relationship. please realize this and you will save yourself from major heartache in the future.

  chippa  |  24

Hahah, well said, bro.
You know what you could have done is press "unlike" right after and said you liked it then unliked it so it could be like you disliked it... Never mind.

  acd23  |  0

Agreed, haha. I've seen some status my friends post about being sick, and there's not a way to Dislike it to show that you don't like that they are sick. (as an example)

  pinky0090  |  0

This is extremely similar to #3395339. But ya FB needs a dislike button for sure! I too have run into situations where a friend is sick or something and I don't want to "like" the fact that he/she is sick.

By  oogyboogy  |  6

you deserve it a little because you didnt read it but not as much that sucks