By mylifesuckssomuch3214 - 07/12/2009 17:08 - United States

Today, after complaining to the administration about my roommate, I finally got switched. As I went into the room to meet my new roommate, I found out he was my old roommate's brother. They are exactly the same, and I'm not allowed to switch again. FML
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This is one of those times when you go back to housing department administration and say, "Look. Switching out my horrible old roommate with his equally horrible BROTHER, a person who was raised in the same family and behaves and responds to others in the exact same way as his sibling, doesn't seem to meet the spirit of the option this university gives to students to switch roommates once a year. If the newly assigned roommate was horrible, but in different ways than the roommate I just switched from, that would be one thing. But, this switch essentially just gave me back a clone of the roommate from which I was trying to escape. What can you do to help me out? I'm begging you."

F*** that, you're paying to stay there correct? What dumb*** in administration would put switch you from one room to another of two related people? Why don't they move the brothers into one room?? I'd raise hell if I were you.


Stop being a cry baby. Kick some ass and take some names...Chuck Norris would be ashamed of you.

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Unless he's a crack addict who anally rapes you in the middle of the night, just deal with it. If he's the type to make noise and bounce off the walls, you wouldn't be the only with a complaint, therefore HE'D be the one moving, not you. He's playing practical jokes on you isn't he? If so, learn some of your own and dish it back out, ya baby.

If you PAY to be in a place, you shouldn't just "put up" with annoying roommates. That's not fair at all. They aren't being a baby. I paid top dollars on campus 3 years ago to be close to my classes and have a really good room with kitchen and living space. My roommate was rude, loud, always had her boyfriend over every night, drank, smoked, lalala the list goes on. Seeing as I was paying nearly $1,000 to live there, I sure as hell did not put up with her for very long. She got the boot. Don't tell the OP not to be a baby when it comes to things you PAY for. And it should be up to the RA or administrator to make sure your new roommate isn't related or whatever to the old roommate. I'm sure if the OP said something, they would make some changes.

Yeah, after a year of putting up with living in the same room as someone I got a single, much happier, well worth the $. People suck.

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18, if you payed $1,000 to live on campus, you're not a very wise spender. And when you live on campus, you agree to the terms. If you're not willing to have a randomly chosen roommate at risk that they suck, then you shouldn't live on campus.

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Where do you go where it's only $1000 to live on campus? I go to a public state school and the cheapest building is $3000 for the year.

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Of course that depends on the my school, the cheapest dorm is between $8000-$9000 for 8-months for the school session. The higher end ones are around $12k! It definitely sucks to have a shitty roommate too, especially if you're required to live in the dorms as a freshman and already stressed with adjusting to a new lifestyle. I agree the administration should try to accommodate you as best they could, but consider living in a single if you think you would do better living alone!

Maybe #18 meant $10,000? I'm not in college yet so I don't know how prices run for equipped dorms.

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Gonna have to deal with it, then. Ain't that big a deal, at least in my mind.

Was this the same roommate as the meowing one? :DDD

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Maybe it's a special college

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The FML reads: My roommate is a normal person, so I requested for a room swap. The new roommate is my old roommate's brother and, he too, can spell properly. FML...

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I think someone else is going to be having this exact same FML apply to them.

lol, that's true

I guess you have to deal with it.

Buy a lock and take some karate lessons, they always come in handy when you need to kick someone unconscious for you know.. meowing

YDI for getting kicked around

Ahh I'm sorry :(...roommates can SUCK, I would know. Just get through one more semester and you won't have to deal with him anymore :/.