By nayahbear24 - United States - Trenton
Today, after coming home from a two week vacation, my dog was pink, there were beer bottles and used condoms on my bed, and everything was a mess. I asked my sister, who'd been watching over the place, what had happened. She just said "Oops." and hung up. FML
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By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

Wow some people are just irresponsible. why couldnt she wait to do that shit in her own place when you came back. good luck op.

By  weveallbeenthere  |  30

hopefully she was just playing a prank on you. otherwise she is a filthy slob. you don't leave your empties laying around. why is the dog pink, did she shave it. or dye it's fur. this needs a follow up.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I also worry about the dog. If the sister was drunk and partying the whole time, which it sounds like she was, did she even feed the dog or let it out to go to the bathroom? I hope she's didn't give him alcohol or do anything worse than dying his hair! Poor thing.