By katwingz - 19/02/2013 22:47 - United States - Fairfield

Today, after being together for only 2 weeks, my boyfriend got me a year's gym membership for my birthday in a card that said, "So u can b hott! Luv u!" FML
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So I take it you will be getting him spelling lessons?

Get hot, and then dump him?


So I take it you will be getting him spelling lessons?

She should probably tack on common sense and not being a giant douche lessons as well.

They give lessons on how not to be a douche? I think that should become mandatory in all levels of education in the US. Back to the FML at hand though, I'm sure the boyfriend had the best intentions for that gym membership but it just came across as him being condescending. I know I put my proverbial foot in my mouth all too often.

While the spelling does bother me, what really disturbs me is the "luv u" on the end after only two weeks.

I didn't even register that part of the FML. Two weeks you say? Maybe it's time to get out.

Gyms are expensive, just go with it, his paying! But still dog move

Send him to Tool Academy.

So he can b smart!

Hey, it was thoughtful! In a weird, somewhat douchy sort of way.. membership! I'd gladly take it :D

I think she should go and find the hottest personal trainer to help her "get hott", but only for his benefit of course!

I agree, I'm more disturbed by the "text" language on something that was written. We're not in the age of where qwerty keyboards on phones don't exist anymore. Aside from that, I think he's doing one of those Barney "investment" tricks.

I'm trying to think of a way that the text lingo could mean something nice, but the best I can come up with is hott meaning hotter. Sorry OP

Get hot, and then dump him?

Who is to say she isn't hot already, and this guy is just a total jerk?

Better yet, find a man who doesn't want to change anything about you.

I want to know why he's dating her if he doesn't think she's attractive when clearly looks are important to him...

I would think that she's a great person. If I had to choose between a b*tch that's hot and or a great person that could use some exercise, I would choose that latter. And then exercise with them. It's allot harder to fix stupid or b*tchy

Why would she dump him? It's very nice of him to pay for a whole year's gym membership! That's like $250 at the least. And if she needs to lose some weight, that's even better. Why are people so offended when others are just trying to help?

98- it's not that he bought her a gym membership. It's the fact that he said it was so she could get hot. That's very rude. Why go out with someone if you want to change them?

alright. Let's say you're fat. So I'm trying to help you get thin. after months of hard work and determination you finally get thin. you didn't ask me if I'm attracted to you now that you're thin. I say yes and you flip out and dump me because I'm an insensitive jerk. that's basically what you're saying about the boyfriend

Guys mean well, they just say things wrong. Maybe he cares about you so much he just wants you to be healthy an happy and feel "hott" about yourself.

Here, have an upvote, for being able to say what was on my mind without sounding like a jerk.

I wonder if he even goes to the gym himself

So he really likes your personality and just don't like only because your appearance. I don't see a big problem there. He could have told you in a more sensitive way and not as a present but being fit isn't bad. You could work out together.

Being fit for the sake of someone else IS bad though. If OP wants to lose weight, she should do it for herself. Not because her boyfriend of 2 weeks wants her to be "hott".

You don't date someone to try to mold and change them into your ideal image. OP needs to find someone who likes her for all she is. Jackass BF can go find someone that fits his physical desires. Grow up.

See that's what I don't get. Why go out with someone in the first place if you don't find them attractive, or if you want to change certain things about them? Just accept them as is, or move on to someone you actually like.

English translation: "I love you. Now change."

In response you should hand him penis enlargement pills with a note that says "so I feel something, luv ya"

Hahaha yes!

Follow his lead: "so i feel sumfing. luv ya."

Unless you guys are both 13, you should dump him for the spelling alone. Plus taking up gym is something a person should decide on their own, not by some shallow douche's wishes.

You should go and meet someone new there. That will teach him!