By Anonymous - 24/09/2013 05:16

Today, after being stood up at a diner, I called the girl who was supposed to have met me. Turns out, she thought I was kidding when I asked her out. FML
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Sounds more like a poor excuse on her part since you did get a hold of her number?

She sounds like a bitch, you probably dodged a bullet there, OP.


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That's not what's going through my head after I set up a date, but alright.

Nonsense - she should have declined the date or gone on it.

I've always had dates confirmed just because people get busy and stuff happens. Just a simple "hey we're still on for Friday, right?"

"Hey, I know I asked you out on a date and you agreed, but I just wanted to make sure you didn't think I was kidding." That's not something that seems normal, but that's just what I think.

I see that but where I'm coming from, it's just a confirmation of plans, but obviously everyone else thinks differently so whatever.

My love life in a nutshell.

It isn't unheard of to confirm plans, especially if banter was prominent in the planning. Also, OP might have pissed off the girl, and this is her way of getting back at them.

Sounds more like a poor excuse on her part since you did get a hold of her number?

He could have already had it, if they knew each other before he asked her out.

but it seems going out with her is a bad thing, mightve dodged a bullet there

She sounds like a bitch, you probably dodged a bullet there, OP.

He is maybe lucky yeah, GG.

I wonder if OP is the guy who got the number of his friend's girlfriend in the other FML

Is it possible that the girl has LOW self-esteem? I mean, she could've thought that she was the butt of the joke.

I agree. She could have slipped the waiter her number if she went.

57- That's exactly what I thought. She could be that girl who everyone would < * totally * > date and is used to it

Or maybe OP is so ridiculously attractive that she thought he was joking because she didn't think she could get anyone like that.

You're better off without her!

Maybe bc you were taking her out to a diner?

The location of the date has nothing to do with it being a real date or not.

What's wrong with a diner? I know plenty of women that would rather go to a diner than a more expensive place.

Plus first dates shouldn't really be overly extravagant. You're trying to get to know them better and vice versa. An expensive restaurant can distract from that. It can also hint that every date will be in a place just as nice, which can lead sometimes to people using you for your expensive dates.

Doesn't justify her bad behavior!

I prefer dates that are normal and comfy rather than in some fancy joint. A diner or a movie would be fine with me, don't see anything wrong with a diner?!

Hey diners are awesome. It's the best place to fall in love I mean they have breakfast, shakes, dessert, and pretty good food.

Never knock a diner! Simple is best on a first date - on my first date with my husband we went for a cup of tea. A more simple setting let us focus on each other instead.

No better love than one between a person and food, am I right?!

That's rude of her! Sorry OP

I feel so sad for people when I read these kinds of FMLs. Who the hell ever thinks it's a joke when someone asks them on a date? She's stupid or lying, either way you deserve better than that!

Maybe she's not used to being asked out to dinner and it caught her by surprise.

This could be true. If someone asked me out on a date, then I would assume someone dared them or it was so sort of joke on me.

*some I hate mornings.

Awweee I'm sorry! She's not worth it anyways!

jokes on her, you're probably a decent person