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well that was nice of them to apologize

Don't lie you had a great time, you probably masturbated to them and their noises.


well that was nice of them to apologize

shouldve joined them instead of bein a downer and going on fml.xD

atleast they didn't wake you up at Twilight, or when it was Breaking Dawn, or even on a New Moon. :)

How'd you wake up if you were kept awake all night?

Can we all just thumb 18 down for the Twilight references....

OP - U and me gonna find 3 more chickadees and have a menage like Nicki! Thatll show em!

18, actually, they did wake op up at breaking dawn, reread the fml

40- if she's referencing twilight, she may not understand the whole 'crack of dawn' concept.

ik, just pointing it out:P

Stupid tiny-ass iPhone screen, accidentally thumbed 18 up

At least they apologized

It's too late to apologizeeee itsss toooooo lateeeeee * eh ehh eh *

i always thought that song went "its too late to call the guys"! this changes my entire schedule-.-

Don't lie you had a great time, you probably masturbated to them and their noises.

How were they? Did she say anything hot?

When I'm home alone I curl up in a corner and pretend to be a carrot.

what is this i dont even

Glad to know I'm not the only one

Hey Alan! Sometimes I like to curl up in a big ball, and pretend I'm a hush puppy! :D

whenever i invite friends over, i hang upside down from a ceiling fan and pretend im a piece of seaweed in the ocean. haha no i lied. i dont have any friends. (screams) "MOM YES I WANT SOME MORE PIZZA ROLLS!!"

When did ppl get nice

Your pretttyyyy

Ever since they grew up outside America.

I thumbed her dwn I can't hear music while trying to sleep lol ur pic goes with ur comment :)

Youurrrr pretttyyyy

Keep them up and see how they like it

Wait until they fall asleep and then do the old warm water hand trick. Enjoy the morning awkwardness when you ask them "How'd you sleep?"

Walk into their room naked and crawl into the bed and ask "who wants first reach around?"

They just wanted to brag....

Free audio porn.Embrace their loving OP.

Lol crack of dawn XD

We should sooo hook up