By Anonymous - 19/07/2011 11:04 - Australia

Today, after being in love with one of my best friends for ages, he took me on a date. We then went back to his place and we made love. Afterwards, he told me he wanted to show me something and led me outside. He ran back in and locked the door. It's a two hour walk home. FML
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I can see why you're in love with him, such a gentleman.


Break in his window.

He did the good old hump and dump trick.

wow looks like you had to do the extreme walk of shame

Some best friend :/

use em then lose em

wow....what a great bestfriend

not really lost, she knows where he lives. shoulda used a hotel if he was going to be a dick. OP should of walked past his car and left her number and call me in the paint...

You could be mature and talk to him about it... Or be immature and T.P his house. Your choice:)

wow what the hell... did he only want the sex part and didn't Want anything else from you? cause it kinda sounds Like it :/ what a douche... GET HIM BACK!

Were you that bad in the bed?

pshh, he just rushed back inside and locked the doors so he could fix the house up a little, because he planned something special for you afterwards..? :-)

I agree with 23.T.P his house!!

YDI for giving it up on the first date

I say you get revenge!:D

I say you get revenge!:D

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No one is that bad in bed for a "best friend" to react like that. He's a total douche. And hopefully not considered any sort of friend by OP.

Yeh... I guess he showed you what a dick he was

daum that hurt my feelings, I had a situation kind of like this but it didn't end with me being locked outside. it ended with several scratches down the back and my older brother breaking into my room with a baseball bat. lol

umm. looks like you got used. I would be more careful who you fall in love with

*81 wth lol that sounds scaryy

Ahh you guys are only friends with benefits:/

I hope he's not your best friend anymore at least you learned not to sleep with friends /:

he hit it and quit it

my older sister's husband and her had sex on the second date. Not all relationship end badly where you have sex soon. Honestly, it just means the spark is there. might as well ignite it. :)

he humped and dumped

you should slice his tires!

or you could be happy you got laid. or you could have held out and strung him along until you knew it would have been serious.

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hit it and quit it

even if she'd been that bad in bed - if he'd be the friend she thought he is he wouldn't throw her out in such a way!

#23- Or really be immature and torch it.

OP - Maybe you crushed his nuts by accident(FML Reference).

I think that 'jerk' was an underestimation

wow. there are so many things wrong with that logic.

It's not always a bad idea. I slept with my best friend 5 years ago and we're still best friends. I slept with him a month ago, too. It works out if your best friend isn't a raging d-bag!

wow what a jerk.

what an asshole

jerk doesn't cut it, how bout "jackass?"

I feel like jackass doesn't quite make it there either. I say we make up a new word for his doucheness.

the jerk from the herd of jack asses?!

he's soooo rude!!

Nice personaliy. I like it. Lol. Wanna talk?

And a shitty best friend...

DAMN that sucks! he's a douche you can do better hunny!

It's her own fault for giving it up on the first date. No sympathy, YDI.

First date with the BEST FRIEND FOR AGES! You'd think you could trust that asshole to treat you like a person!

I think a rat with rabies could do better than that jerk :/

I guess it wasn't meant to be

Why exactly did you love him for so long again?

Uh huuh... So..... you considered that jackhole your best friend. Ew.

Jackhole? Choose an insult.

I can see why you're in love with him, such a gentleman.

wait- why didn't you notice he was a complete douchebag when you were supposedly in love with him?

You need to double check the definition of "best friend". You might be slightly confused.

I'm sure he didn't show signs if being a douche towards her before this.

and while you're at it, check the definition of "love"

I feel like he would have been onto other girls though!

so much for friendship, but i guess thars why you should never take a fruendship to the next level!... but really sorry OP :(

I always heard that but I never believed it. until I realized it myself. such a bad idea it is.

not true! I'll be married to my best friend of almost ten years in a month

was she your best friend before you dated? that's what they mean. if so, that's awesome. if not, then that's different.

The only ex I still talk to is one who was a close friend long before we dated. Your mileage may vary, but I feel it's absolutely foolhardy to not even consider dating a friend should the possibility arise.

I fell in love with a friend, no issues to date and it's been nearly 4 years... The don't date a friend thing is a myth.

My ex lives with me, he rents my spare room.. He was my friend before we dated and he's my friend again now. It took 3 years to get the friendship back after the break-up though!