By Ames - / Saturday 23 May 2009 16:07 / United States
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By  kellster  |  2

Never make someone choose between you and the pet they probably had before they knew you, and who will still love them after your relationship ends. Either take some antihistimines and deal with it, or accept defeat now.

By  bonafidehustler  |  0

I'm pretty sure cats don't get sad. I can see being attached to the cat, but you didn't ask him to get rid of it, just not to let it sleep in the bedroom. That's not asking that much. Your bf is a douchebag.

By  tWitt3rBuG  |  0

I'm speechless... I can understand the love for the cat but seriously that cat needs some space. Sounds like he has issues with your allergies. Leave him first but don't ever ask him to choose between you and the cat!

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