By HereKittyKitty - 01/12/2013 20:27 - United States - Carlsbad

Today, after being convinced that my cat had worms due to eating so much food and still looking really skinny, I found out that my neighbor secretly lets his dog in through my pet door while I'm at work. FML
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At least the dog didn't kill the cat!

Steal his bag of dog food to feed your cat.


At least the dog didn't kill the cat!

Not outright...

it did one time but the cat was resurrected on the 3rd day

But he basically is by starving the cat!

You should set a bear trap in front of your pet door, then keep your cat in a cage to be safe

JMichael 25

The dog kills the cat everyday. It's currently on life number 5.

Steal his bag of dog food to feed your cat.

ThatFancyPenn 18

I'm pretty sure if he's letting his dog eat OP's cat food, he probably didn't have his own food.

Not necessarily. Most dogs will continue to eat as long as there's food available to them. They can't tell when they're full.

Better yet, steal the dog and feed it to the cat. no? okay, ill see myself out.

You shouldn't give dog food to cats. Or vice versa, because dogs and cats have different dietary needs.

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Reading would be nice. "pet door"

He broke in, forget the Cat Burglar... He's a Dog Burglar!

Might wanna consider investing in a locking pet door :p

Could backfire and shit on OP's carpet.

It comes to the house to eat not to shit lol

BradTheBrony 19

#38: I read that as: "This plan could backfire and end in the locking pet door shitting on OP's carpet." And this has been another action-packed episode of "Proper Syntax is Important!"

aww poor kitty! You need to confront your neighbor.

Confront? I would make him pay me back for all the food his dumbass dog ate. What an asshole.

Aw! Poor cat can't even eat it's own food. Fix the door so the dog can't get in op!

so you're going to buy one if those boards that go over the pet door to keep him out or invest in a camera to catch your neighbor

Get a pitbull to scare the crap out of that dog.

Really? You're a smart man.

Zoinks! That's pretty awful.

I know, wight raggy?

Did the vet aware you of this? Or did you go around the neighborhood asking "hey! do you know why my cat is skinny?" In all seriousness though, I am glad you found out and can get that fur baby back to health! Good luck, OP!

How could the vet "aware" op of this.....what?

Humor. Lost apparently...

In 49 offence, your joke was poorly executed...

Rainhawk94 27

Horribly executed.

clearly a typo you're trying to pass off as a joke

Hmm. I am curious as to this "typo". Could you be so kind as to direct me to it, good sir?

BradTheBrony 19

As much as I'd hate to admit it, 66 is right. He did not make a typographical error. He did, however, make a grammatical error.

I am unsure as to where I made a grammatical error. I'm not being a bitch here, I genuinely do not know. But please note, I am not a HE. I am, in fact, a SHE.

'Did the vet aware you of this?' Was the mistake. You probably meant to say, 'Did the vet make you aware of this?' Or something to that extent.