By HereKittyKitty - United States - Carlsbad
Today, after being convinced that my cat had worms due to eating so much food and still looking really skinny, I found out that my neighbor secretly lets his dog in through my pet door while I'm at work. FML
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  BradTheBrony  |  19

#38: I read that as: "This plan could backfire and end in the locking pet door shitting on OP's carpet."
And this has been another action-packed episode of "Proper Syntax is Important!"

By  WellThatSucked89  |  13

Did the vet aware you of this? Or did you go around the neighborhood asking "hey! do you know why my cat is skinny?"

In all seriousness though, I am glad you found out and can get that fur baby back to health! Good luck, OP!

  Kitouran  |  30

'Did the vet aware you of this?' Was the mistake. You probably meant to say, 'Did the vet make you aware of this?' Or something to that extent.