By Garcia2284
Today, I asked a customer three times before he saw the doctor if he had any medical insurance and he replied "no" each time. Paying his bill out of pocket, this dude had the nerve to ask, "So why didn't my medical insurance cover this?" He had coverage. FML
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By  tanman230  |  10

my father and I do drywall patches, and we usually tell the customer no painting included cause we're not painters. this customer insisted we painted and my father told him at least 5 times that the paint wasn't going to match because the paint on the wall was a few years old, but he wanted it painted and when it didn't turn out right suddenly it was our fault.

By  yeongji  |  31

Let him deal with the finance department about it. Make sure you make a note in his chart about what happened so that it does not fall back on you (when it is clearly his mistake). I work in the frontline of healthcare, so I can totally relate to this situation.