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  gc327072  |  29

22- there's a whole damn province called Chihuahua. (the city of chihuahua being in the middle)

Your mind=blown.

*puts rain poncho on to avoid flying grey matter*

  ScotsLassie  |  6

I highly doubt that their therapist said anything like this. It is likely that the OP said it and the therapist failed to get them to reflect on it and challenge it. This may be due to the type of therapy that they were getting, or a bad therapist. Anyway OP try and rationalise this thought. You should definitely take this belief to your next therapy session.

By  Mideoyeo  |  12

If you keep taking the counsellors words seriously and shut your self out it'll do you no good. A few bad relations does not mean you're doomed for life!~ Good luck OP

By  Pretty_reckless_fml  |  18

"Whether you think you can or you can't, you're probably right"
OP if you don't believe in yourself and what perseverance in a relationship can achieve, you don't stand a chance! Don't worry :) you'll find the right person and make it work, there's someone for everyone

  citymayer  |  7

There are billions of people in this world and you still have a hard time believing that there's someone for everyone? Are you limiting that someone to only one person or something? And Cinderella was a poor servant that married a prince. Rags to riches is not the same as true love. Get your fairy tales straight.