By MerryDeathmas - 18/07/2015 04:31 - Canada - Lloydminster

Today, after an argument with my girlfriend, I tried to be dramatic by slamming my car door shut as hard as I could. Something broke and now it won't open. Now I have to climb through the passenger's side just to drive my car to work. FML
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Kind of a bratty thing to do, hon.

This makes me happy. I definitely hit YDI.


Maybe next time you shouldn't try to be dramatic. Maybe next time you should try to resolve the issue.

Even though I agree with you, we've all done something like this before. Whether it be a car door, bedroom door, etc.

I have no words other than ydi u idiot. Stop being such a dramatic cunt. People like you annoy me and you deserve it.

This makes me happy. I definitely hit YDI.

This is giving me flashbacks to Mr Incredible when he lost his job....

I totally thought of that too! I'm not alone. Haha

"That was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!" -Little Neighborhood Kid in the Incredibles

wicked "that was totally wicked" kid from incredibles

That was the first thing that popped into my mind?

How would being dramatic help?

At least you showed her, right?

Kind of a bratty thing to do, hon.

we've all done something like this once though...

I bet that gets wheely tiring after a while.

I appreciate the effort but you may have tried a little too hard..

Blame the chick

Do you drive a Nissan Shitbox?

Any car will do that depending on how hard you slam it/hit it. Easy 10 minute fix to reconnect the rod/clip or replace it completely.