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  Today, after about a year of keeping it a secret from my girlfriend, I told her about my foot fetish. She said "EWWWWWWWW!" and left. She's ignoring my calls and has changed her relationship status to single on Facebook. FML
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By  Metalslipp  |  15

From someone who hates feet with a passion and will chop it off if it comes near me, I wouldn't leave someone because of that fetish. Sorry she wasn't mature enough to accept you, hopefully you will find someone that does.

By  Death69  |  24

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  butterfly403  |  12

if she really loved him, she could've worked through her discomfort or just told him that it was something that she was not into. so no, this was not sonething that should've been left unsaid.

  WhiteMagickz  |  16

You act like he's telling her that he is cheating on her. This isn't emotionally damaging her at all. This is him being honest, like he should be in a relationship, and her being immature. As a matter of fact, OP is probably better off without her.

  Rawrshi  |  25

I don't think it's healthy to keep fetishes or kinks "unspoken," honestly. I am always very open with a potential partner early on about kinks/fetishes to avoid such issues later since many of them are deal breakers not to have in a relationship for me. Unless this is a recent realization (it happens), OP really should have brought it up much earlier and eased her into it slowly. They definitely don't deserve the treatment they're getting though. It's devastating to open up about something you're shy or nervous about to someone you trust then have them completely shut you down like that.

You're completely normal, OP. Her reaction was unwarranted and cruel. I hope you can find someone who appreciates your fetish or at least is okay with it.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

some fetishes have a bad rap this is one of them. I bet if he had started with foot massages and worked his way up slowly she wouldn't have fluttered an eye. I'd never say no to a foot massage! Some things have to be said especially if it affects the way you live your life, but it doesn't mean body slam them with it. Make em like and then slap a name on it, they'll be more accepting.


I dated a guy with a foot fetish and it was actually pretty great. He gave the absolute, most heavenly, wonderful foot rubs. I didn't mind him always wanting to touch my feet either, it just wasn't that big of a deal.

By  Metalslipp  |  15

From someone who hates feet with a passion and will chop it off if it comes near me, I wouldn't leave someone because of that fetish. Sorry she wasn't mature enough to accept you, hopefully you will find someone that does.

  cole_tyler42  |  21

Nah, I agree with you on a hatred of feet, but if my girl came out with a foot fetish, I'd probably just go celibate. I could not incorporate feet into sex. They're dirty and gross and they stink. Not afraid to kink-shame foot freaks.

  Mathalamus  |  24

I would be somewhat supportive, only because my fetishes are stranger than that. So, who am I to judge? I got no right.

Also, I don't know what it is. It's easier to support or tolerate things if you don't know or think about it.


#89 Well, I guess if you can shame us "foot freaks", it's okay for us to shame whatever you're into. Seriously, shame on you. Maybe you are not into it, and that's fine, but shaming somebody because they have a foot fetish, or any fetish really, is like shaming somebody who is homosexual. People like me are born this way, and we can't change who we are, or how we feel.

  Metalslipp  |  15

89, you're acting like they're going to literally shove their foot up your ass and get off from it. Don't over think fetishes, not everyone is extreme with them.

By  yellowzinnias  |  20

Foot fetishes are very common, as the area of the brain that involves the feet and the area that involves the genitals are located right next to each other and the "wiring" is very easily crossed. Medical sex experts think it make be as simple as mis-singalling. Regardless, everyone has their kinks. While I think you should have been honest with her earlier, I'm going to say FYL for having a partner who isn't open to discussing yours. Next time, discuss your fetish with your partner as soon as things begin to move into the bedroom. Eventually you will find someone who is as open to accommodating your sexual needs as you are theirs, or, possibly, even someone with the same kink.

By  Sunflora219  |  26

I'm not sure why people are hitting the YDI button, OP. I think it's normal, and even healthy, to tell your significant other of your likes and kinks. If she wasn't into the idea, she could've simply said "no." The rest was just an overreaction on her part. Sorry for the breakup. Wish you luck.

  Sunflora219  |  26

Well, of course he should have told her earlier. But sometimes, when you first start dating a person, telling them a detail so intimate and personal about yourself can be a mortifying experience. Some people would prefer to wait until there's more trust involved; they wait until they are sure that even if the person might not love who they are, s/he will still accept them. Thus, this is a little heartbreaking. OP's ex could have said "there's nothing wrong with your kink, but I'm just not into it. I really hope you can find someone who can satisfy your needs," instead avoiding him altogether, and so childishly at that too.

  Olafur  |  29

I said YDI because really, he deserves better than that close-minded bitch.

OP, FYL for her dumping you, but also YDI because you don't deserve to be with someone who doesn't accept you for you who are.

By  ldjua760  |  4

YDI not because of your fetish but because you weren't honest with her up front OP! If you are open from the start of your relationships I'm sure you will find someone who will let you at this glorious tootsies of theres!

  yenze  |  18

You may not start off a relationship discussing bedroom kinks but it should of come up sometime in the last year. I mostly agree with #10 ydi for waiting a year to tell her

By  LetMeSleepPlease  |  23

I don't understand all the YDIs. They were dating for over a year. Honestly, if your partner is so close-minded as to immediately dump you over a fetish as common as feet, you deserve better OP.