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  Soloman212  |  28

"Mom, have you noticed anything different or strange about Stacey?" "Like what, honey?" "I'm not sure. It just kinda seems to me that she has considerably less hair than yesterday. Close to none." "Well she does seem to have trimmed her bangs a bit."

  Mooissa  |  0

what a stupid family. they probably dnt know anything about cults..wellmaybe a little but..cults are scary creepy to me so.. i have no idea where im going with this 'reply' so um... bye?

  gofferurself  |  10

Cult is simply a word for religious grouping. Technically, Catholisism or Baptisism or sunni are cults. There is nothing wrong with being in a cult, most of the world belongs to a cult. Now a satanic cult or doomsday cult can be bad news, but even still, they are not all like Hollywood makes cults out to be.

  goshpeople  |  4

Upon further investigation, I found that "cult" can refer to a religious OR secular group, while "sect" is almost exclusively religious. Hence my earlier confusion.

  takanuva0123  |  0

if the family said that it's good for her, imagine how fucked up OP's sister was before the cult. OP didn't post any information concerning his sister's behavior before the cult, maybe it's good for her.

  Kn0wledge123  |  21

AND lots of cults end with people sacrificing themselves to go be with the space entity Zorco. She could possibly kill herself and others for the leader and the fam don't give a shit. Even saying that it's "good" for her, leading to MORE suspicion that THEY are also in a cult. FYL OP.