By Mad - 27/06/2011 01:14 - Australia

Today, after a weekend of helping my sister-in-law move out of our house, vacuuming and mopping her bedroom and bathroom for her, scrubbing her walls and cleaning her shower, transporting her furniture and getting her carpet professionally cleaned, to cover costs she offered me $14. FML
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what a generous offer! I would have offered $5

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what a bitch! just steal some money from her purse when she isn't looking.


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why didn't u ask for a bj??

Because it's his/her sister-in-law! That would be disgusting!

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not really I do it all the time. I mean who doesn't do that... are you some kind of freak?

No I'm a normal human being with a wife and kids. You?

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I sit on my lazy fat ass and eat doritos all day so I'm pretty sure I'm more normal then you

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7 do you know what a sister-in-law is? That means it's their brother's wife... Meaning it wouldn't be disgusting receiving sexual favors from her, it'd pretty much only be mean as hell. Lol... And OP, isn't it good enough getting your sister-in-law out of the house? You have to be paid for it, too? I don't care what you had to do, she's ****** gone now and that seems like it'd probably be amazing enough for anybody!

A sister-in-law can also be your wife's sister, and if you are married and have a good relationship with her, it would be cheating, weird, and disturbing.

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my sister in law would expect me to do all this for free. be happy

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#41 It's depends on the OP's financial status because he paid to clean the carpet which she messed up. If someone did that then I would cover the full cost. It would suck if someone moved in with me, stained up my house, and didn't pay to fix it. >

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Well if she had the money to hire professionals then I'm sure she would have. If she's moving out of your house then I assume she's moving in to her own, so be glad you have your house to yourself.

#41: Someone needs to google "sister-in-law" before they start giving out definitions.

You guys are aware bfrench95 is just trying to be a troll, right? I don't understand why you guys are taking him so seriously haha.

109 - Google is a man's best friend

what a generous offer! I would have offered $5

5 WHOLE DOLLARS???!!!!! Screw that, I'd just buy 4 bags of skittles.

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i understand your reasons #2. We are in a recession.

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i would have done a high five. more satisfaction that way

wait u guys pay people! WOAH! I just give them a pat on the back

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what a bitch! just steal some money from her purse when she isn't looking.

Or just sell the purse all together!

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Or you could sell all the things in her purse AND her purse!! maybe she has a cell phone in her purse, that should do it, lol.

98 - What does OP financially gain if he/she threw out the stolen purse?

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Take a portion of her house instead. Or her children.

or just steal money from her purse when she isn't looking.

taking a portion of her children might get messy.

Oh yes. The approximate market value of children are, as follows: newborn-3months: 10,000$ 3 months-1year: 5,000$ 1-5 years: 2,500$ 5-10 years: 1250$ 10-18: you'd be better off selling them as hamburger meat.* *All of these values are approximations and subject to change.

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Smear baby poop all over her walls. I know a guy who'll do it for a low price.

No. He likes the satisfaction of a high five.

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South Park, I just watched that episode a few days ago.

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tell her to take those 14$ nd shove dem were they fit

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what do you mean know your practically being her b'tch take something worth Alot of cash or knock her out

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These days that's a lot of money

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how is that Alot of money you can't even get nice clothes with that... this is not the 50's where if you had 15 buccs you where one of the rich kids

give the kid a break. he's 15. to him, that's a lot of money. it's like 14 hotwheels.

You seem to be a fan of the Alot Monster . . .

shut the **** up. $14 is like working less than 2 hours at minimum wage.

In Australia, where this was posted, minimum wage is $17/hour. Our economy is much more inflated than yours. A footlong Sub with 2 cookies and a Coke is $13. $14 is a joke. If she gave me any less than $250, I'd tell her to go jump off a cliff.

she's family. get over it you spoiled bitch.

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you've obviously never paid for a professional carpet clean. ignorant bitch.

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OP doesn't expect to get paid, she just wants her to cover the costs. How is it spoiled to want more than $14 for something that more than likely cost over $100 total?

I bet getting her out of the house was worth the work is she's that much of a bitch though.

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what does " anti-flood protection mean" and OP?

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original post refering to the person that started the conversation. Anti-flood is for those spammers, limits how many times you can post a comment in a certain time limit.

don't listen to him. op means otters playing, and anti flood protection means fml is telling you to build your house further from a river, because you are I'm danger of being flooded.