By Anonymous - / Wednesday 30 May 2012 05:46 / United States - San Diego
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  pavlovaaLOVE  |  7

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  ss_20_xx  |  14

Well yeah alcohol has different effects on different people. It brings out the other side of you when you're wasted so some people do crazy stuff while others go all emo. These people are the drunk-emos.


It can also on the flip side lead to one ending up waking up beside random people naked. I tend to deal with any issues of consent before I get drunk so people around me know if I'm really good to go or just out of my head and they should get me home. It's a good idea to know how you react to alcohol before getting drunk, especially with others.


Today, after a surprise candlelit dinner and a two bottles of wine for my birthday, my boyfriend and I decided to take a sexy shower together. It ended with us both drunk, naked, and crying, wedged into a small tub together, talking about our dead pets. FML

Reread? I think it tells you how it happens. :)

  jerseyboy732  |  16

22 your retarded. I mean they are drunk, naked, and about to hop in the shower. common sense would tell me they would have sex. I don't understand how a conversation like that would even start given the circumstances

  cBlackout  |  13

51 you're taking the term depressant too literally. Alcohol slows neurons in the brain (or something like that) , that's why your judgement time increases. It doesn't actually make you depressed. (not always anyway. Different people handle alcohol differently)

  siickman  |  7

I understand that 133 but most heavy drinkers are depressed quiet often but i know what you mean about handling drinks differently. Some become crazy, some sad, some are somewhat unaffected. Im only 16 and hate the fact that i have friends who drink heavier than my dad. I just kind of wished people didnt drink so much. Its not healthy, it can get you killed, you can show your inner stupidity even more, people can die from to much... Just overall a bad thing. Keep drinking to a minimum people!

  ohmandapants  |  16

That's how it always starts..."I'll just have one glass!"
Half an hour later you and your friend have finished a 1.5 litre bottle, with nothing in your stomach but popcorn, singing at the top of your lungs, then crying about some random crap like the colour of the sky. And then falling asleep. Psh one glass.


16- that or you are waking up naked with your friend realizing you are not only missing time but also some of your clothes which are not in the room... Or the house for that matter. Hypothetically speaking of course. ;)

By  ohmandapants  |  16

To be honest I was expecting this FML to end with someone falling and getting injured. "Sexy shower" while drunk...probably not the best idea you've ever had OP. That being said, alcohol is an evil, evil thing and I feel your pain OP, it's happened to the best of us. Probably not the exact same situation, but the crying...oh, the drunk crying...

  thatsucks42  |  4

This once happened to me, except instead of a bathtub we were on a bench in his backyard naked, talking about the new elephant at the zoo. Being drunk makes for funny stories.

  Spanik  |  10

Its slightly amusing when kids try to pretend that they know exactly what they are talking about when it comes to life experiences like this... In all of the FMLs. They have no idea.

  Pallywhack  |  4

While I agree that it can be amusing, you should keep in mind that people experience life and certain life experiences at all ages. Happiness, joy, love, sadness, depression, death, poverty, richness, hunger, lost love, etc... Don't be a close-minded "ageist" twat.


146- amen. Ok I'm not young, but most of my funny drinking stories certainly come from when I was.... Random sex with clothing no where to be found (and to this day never has been), calling up a friend to tell them I'm drunk... Then discussing if human hide can be tanned into boots... Managing to get crazy high scores I've never beaten on DDR while so drunk I could hardly stand... Also laughing.. At everything. Ahh good times XD thank god I'm not the type to cry randomly when drunk. I do spout some damn strange things though

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