By Anon - United States
Today, after a small fight with my girlfriend, I started to miss her, so I typed her name into Google on a whim. Surprisingly, I find a link to a blog in which the owner describes his ongoing effort to seduce my girl. During times she told me she was alone. Thanks babe. FML
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By  perdix  |  29

The owner of the blog was dumb enough to use your girlfriend's full, real name in his posts?

He made it too easy for a cyber-stalker like you.


No, he said he THOUGHT she was alone...not that she said she was. This guy could be stalking her without her even participating in it...silly poster...your girl could be in DANGER and all you are thinking about is your selfish thoughts. FHL She should dump you!

  SwiftCashew  |  0

Are you sure it's your girlfriend? There are billions of people in the world, so it's almost impossible not to have another person in the world with the same name as someone else.

  DjeePee  |  24

Jup, there are other things I do when I miss my boyfriend. Like, calling, or visit him.

OP, you're overreacting. She was alone years ago and some guy TRIED to seduce her whilst she WAS NOT in a relationship with you. I'm guessing you will start a big fight for this, if so, you're another retarded jerk.

  GeminiDragon  |  0

#21... the person he should be mad at is the owner of the site and not his girlfriend....and he did not mention timedates that had been stamped... if it was before they started dating then yeah he should shrug it off... but if it was while they dated he has every reason to be mad...... even though she may not have been into the other guy who did that blog...... she left herself in a situation that could possibly lead to cheating..... that I think was his point.....

so in essence it seems to me like you condone cheating......

  DjeePee  |  24

GeminiDragon, OP said clearly that his girlfriend was alone that time, so, even if they dated, she still was single. If she had sex with this guy, which I doubt because he wrote his efforts hadn't succeeded, it was not cheating. Lying, but no cheating. And OP is angry at his girlfriend, didn't you see the ironic 'Thanks babe'?.

This is just a crazy FML.
"Today, I found out that some girl tried to sleep with my boyfriend, when he wasn't my boyfriend yet. He also didn't do anything with her, but I still consider hem as a dirty cheater. FML."

  docscientist  |  9

He likely means alone as in by herself, and not single. She probably said she was alone when she wasn't and the guy would try to seduce her when he was around


#40, The 'Thanks babe' comment was sarcastic NOT ironic!!!

Sorry to correct you but it I see the word irony being used wrongly so often that it's really starting to bug me :-)

  DjeePee  |  24

TrippyGreenSkull, I'm almost a teacher Dutch who must learn kids the difference between ironic and sarcastic comments. I think I know what's right. But, eeuhm, thanks for your help, I guess. Good intention, go on!

  todo350  |  0

DjeePee, If you're seriously going to be/are a teacher, there are going to be some extremely stupid and ignorant students after you're done with them. For the sake of everyone you may be potentially teaching, I do hope you're joking.

  I_iz_special  |  0

todo if you didn't catch when she said Dutch then I think you should reread her comment. Did it ever occur to you that English may not be her first language and/or strongest?

  Betz  |  10

You "teach" kids, not "learn" them. How can you call yourself a teacher when you can't differentiate the two, or should we call you a "learner"?

  SquaresviL7e  |  0

Unless I'm reading it wrong, OP doesn't say she was with the guy. The blogger guy was "trying to seduce" her. That doesn't mean she was going for it. Either way, it wasn't happening during the course of the relationship. OP is jealous and has stalker tendencies.

F the girlfriend's L for having one creep blogging about her and another creep Googling her.

  pickledpandas  |  0

if she felt the need to lie about being alone with a male friend then she obviously knew her boyfriend wouldn't be comfortable with it. if you can't be honest about what you're doing, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

  beefcakeog  |  0

ok people listen of she lies about being alone then there are probly more lies and if a guy is trying to get ur girl ( cuz I'm stupid and can't spell seduce) then ud want to know so u can beat his ass and not be lied to about it unless she's planning sonethig with that guy she would have told op Ty for listining

By  Hopersz  |  0

Thats odd. Why would you want to google your gf? Stalker status. Im gonna say this. You deserved it for looking her up and trying to get tabs n info on her. You cant do anything unless you have proof. So till next time find a new gurl n this time dont be a creep n search for her info onlin. CREEPER