By maninpain - Kenya
Today, after a root canal, I went to the pharmacy for some pain killers. The cute girl behind the counter asked what I needed. When I opened my mouth to tell her, a wave of drool hurtled out and splattered on the counter. FML
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  nalia18  |  8

Doesnt mean you gotta point it out... A waste of time.
Btw people have been saying that forever and i hear it all the time so it kinda makes me wonder if you even have heard of friends and joking around... Musta been ages as you quote

  capilot  |  10

Doesn't have to be the end of the world. Wipe it up; look sad, tell her you just had root canal (she'll certainly believe you now), tell her you need painkillers, and someone to take care of you while you recover.

  thrAsHeRr9081  |  16

Since you brought up plan B, I had a guy around my age come to buy some. We only carry one brand and it's around $55. He says, "Oh, you guys don't have the generic? The last two times we had to buy it, we went to Walgreens and they had a cheaper one."

SERIOUSLY? Try plan A: birth control.