By Leesuh - / Sunday 3 February 2019 18:00 /
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  Ella_fml  |  15

Depends on the people, but months is normal. My parents fell in love and got married after a few months of dating and have been happily married for almost 40 years now. :)

  tounces7  |  24

I suppose if you're dead inside it might take years.

Other than that, many months seems like more than sufficient time for normal, emotionally healthy people.

By  zuckerburg  |  19

1) takes balls not to wimp out and say it back just because you said it
2) he might be a man, but is sensitive enough to thank you (laughing in your face, breaking up and/or lying are other responses)
3) you might be ready, he might not be. chill. at least you know he isn't some kind of womanizer that would say anything to get in your pants, nor someone that'll turn tail and run

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